Exclusive: Michaele Salahi’s Mom Shocked Daughter Ran Off With Rocker

Posted on September 14th, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Michaele Salahi's mom, Rosemary Holt, tells RumorFix exclusively that she's stunned that her daughter left Tareq Salahi.

"We're all in shock -- but it's not surprising to me" the 83-year-old tells RumorFix.

Holt says that the Real Housewives of Washington DC star has been loyal to Tareq during their marriage and this is completely out of character. "This is like her jumping off a bridge for us. She's just not like this," she tells RumorFix.

RumorFix has confirmed Michaele  left Tareq for Journey's lead guitarist Neal Schon and she's with him in Memphis where he is performing Wednesday night. Holt tells us that Michaele met Neal  at a Journey concert when she was in high school and has been following the group ever since.

Holt stopped short of saying there were marital problems, "The last couple years have kinda hectic."

"It's almost like sitting here drowning and you finally learn how to swim," she told RumorFix.

"If she's with Neal Schon -- I don't think she'd come back to Tareq." But mom has sympathy for the alleged White House party crasher.

"I felt sorry for him. I wished he wouldn't have come on TV -- and gave everybody a chance to hate him more."

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    1. Only question to ask Tareq is…Who’s crying now?

    2. Michael says:

      P is for party A is for all night long R is for right now T is for take it slow Y is for why not.. 

    3. Guest says:

      If this turns out to be another one of their stunts, I think they should go to jail.

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