Exclusive: Jon Gosselin Gives Kate Gosselin Some Tough Love

Posted on September 8th, 2011 at 10:14 am

Former reality star Jon Gosselin is giving his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, some tough love and he's using RumorFix as his exclusive vehicle.

Jon, who doesn't speak to the former star of Kate Plus 8, has some surprisingly stinging words for America's most famous mom: "Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life -- a simple life. Provide for your family."

Jon, who says he has given up TV and is enjoying working as a computer support engineer, is responding to People's cover story where Kate claims, "I'm really scared," after her TLC reality show was cancelled after six years.

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Although Kate says she is "freaking out" about her financial future, Jon is optimistic. "Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs and things work out. Everything is possible," he tells RumorFix.

And what if the Dancing with the Stars alum has to unload her huge farm home in Pennsylvania? Jon has absolutely no sympathy, "I don’t have a farm on 24 acres and the kids seem to have a great time at my house."

Jon tells us he sees the kids "a lot," but says a court order requires that he not be more specific. He also insists that he continues to pay child support.

Jon adds that he likes his life now that he's out of the limelight. "I go to work every day and provide for my family," he tells us. "I spend time with my kids – spend time on the weekends. I spend time with the girlfriend I’ve had for over a year now. And enjoy a normal lifestyle."

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  • 98 Responses

    1. Bizyme2005 says:

      VIDEO wont play says it is “private” ???????

    2. Bizyme2005 says:

      Ok works now. JON IS RIGHT.Millions  of people work every single day to support their families. Kate seems to think she is just too special. Get a job. Join the real world.

    3. he has gained alot of wieght! my goodness..lol

    4. Itsybitsyspider says:

      What person enjoying life out of the limelight gives an interview to a tabloid?  Wonder how much he made off of it?  No sympathy about the house?  The house his kids live at 95% of their live in?  Once a douche bag, always a douche bag.

      • Rowdy47879 says:

        My point exactly!!! I think Jon needs a reminder that he agreed to buy that house as well.

        • mARY says:

          Kate was the one that said MINE MINE all Mine go look at the episode. soon as soon moved into that house jon was living over the garage and steve moved in to house soon Joh was kicked off property.  Look at episode where Kate sayd of her bed room to kids and Jon take a good look this will be your last time in here. Also on episode. so I guess if one of the kids are sick they are on there own Must not wake Mommy up.

      • Jerry says:

        What mother uses the media to make money off of her children, Only thing that worrys Kate she won’t be center of attention any more as she thought she was. Kate the children  was the stars. Hate to bust your bubble. I wish Jon had custody of  the children. he is the better  parent

    5. TruthbeKnown says:

      Wow…..What a load of BS coming from a guy who owes over a $100,000 in unpaid child support, now only pays less than $6 per day per child and also only sees the children every other weekend…. This jerk will do anything for money and to try and make himself look good… Shame the children will never see any of the money he gets for doing this interview…. 

      • momrulz711 says:

        Unless you are prepared to provide court documents proving Jon is in arrears, you would be wise not to make libelous statement in a public forum.  It’s your right not to like him, it’s not your right make accusations like this without the FACTS to back it up. 

        • Sue Me says:

          Jon is a public figure and the libel rules are different.  I’m guessing TruthbeKnown has about a 0.0% chance of being sued by him.  He might as well sue me while he’s at it for saying the following:

          “Jon is a gay devil worshipper who eats puppies.”

          • Jerry says:

                Jon is better than you. Kate is rude, nasty and self centered I wish Jon had custody, he is the better parent. T.hen kate can go try to be a star,which she isn’t.. The children where the stars not her.But she thinks it was herGood luck Jon and children

            • sparkle says:

              OMG! I watched tonites final episode & was reminded of Jon’s “parenting” – i.e. not paying attention to where all of the kids were at all times when away from the home or for that matter even when outside at home he rather entertained himself rather than his own small children & he was the one who canoodled with the sitter under the family roof thus setting an “excellent” example for his sons of how to treat a woman. Actually I also recall it being mentioned in a recent episode about the kids needing to remember their sleeping bags so him talking about what a great time the kids have at his house sounds pretty fake considering that it seems like they sleep on the floor.  That’s nothing for him to be building himself up over!

            • Anonymous says:

              cut him some more slack, he is in a steady relationship, he has shown concern for his kids but with TLC backing Kate when she was relevent made it hard for him to parent when they could give them exotic trips, now they are on a more even playing field and my guess is, Jon will be the “go to” parent as kate gets more paranoid when the final interviews are over and no one is ringing her phone to get on a plane and do a talk show. Did you know that every show that she wants to go on gets a bunch of letters from people who can’t stand her saying “we won’t be watching your show.” The idea of going on “The Talk” garnered emails from people reminding them that that show alread has low ratings, bring Kate on and that show will go under faster than one more season.

      • Bizyme2005 says:

        BS Jon is not behind. and if he were how the HELL would YOU know?  IF he were he would be IN JAIL, especially that much. stop the lies

      • ughghg says:

        Im with you. Want to bet that Jon and his girlfriend are on here defending him

      • Lukebandit says:

        Jon is not in arrears in child support!  He is the better parent!

      • wolf momma says:

        In pennsylvania, child support is determined based on the relative incomes of each parent, it takes into account how much time is spent in each household, and if you are in arrears, you are required to pay additional towards getting caught up…so I can see where he likely pays less, he probably makes a lot less money than she does.

      • TruthbeKnown says:

        I am correct and I do KNOW….. The above figures are FACT…Ask Jon…. I doubt he will admit the truth… 

      • Jerry says:

        Kate is mean , nasty,  rude and yells all the time, Jon should have custody of the children. Kate can then try to be in the spot light, or a star. Her body guard will help her.I never heard of a body guard staying at the house helping her do everything he is supose to be married lol.Good luck Jon you deserve a medal for living with her as long as you did.God bless you and the children

      • laz call says:

        jon is a better parent than you’ll ever be . Kate is the one the cries for attention and money get ur facts straight

      • mscott says:

        How do you know the kids won’t see any of the money from the interview?  And since the terms of the visitation are confidential, how is it you are privvy to that information? 

        $100,000 is a drop in the bucket for Kate.  Not saying he doesn’t have to “provide” for his children, but he also doesn’t have to pay for Kate’s uber extravagant lifestyle either.

        • Anonymous says:

          where do yu think any money from jon will go to..not the kids. kate will need it and not for household expenses. If I were Jon in this case I woiuld want an accounting of where the money he sends goes because I don’t trust her, she is financially a moran, buying a sports car, how considerate that is for her huge family to enjoy.

      • Anonymous says:

        She did alright with Jon’s six bucks and realistically if jon gave her 600 bucks a day, that is not enough money to keep Kate in the lifestyle she loves..right now that 6 bucks a day is enough to pay for the hair cuts she gets her kids at Cut 6, but she needs at least $2500.00 and airfare for her look. Cut him some slack, he was backorder support and that is hard to catch up on, it will take the rest of his life and he still has to deal with the monthly support.

    6. ughghg says:

      What a piece of trash. This guy does nothing to take care of those kids. She has them 26 days a month he sees them for fun time. He just needs to shut his mouth.

      • Fauxperson says:

        He may have them only on weekends or even every other weekend, but I’ll bet when he has them he takes care of them and does not have “helpers” or is off hobnobbing with celebrities or out buying a cars for 50 grand.  He has made mistakes, but he seems to have finally settled down while Kate is still looking for the golden ticket !

      • Again – he pays monthly child support, and he sees the kids as often as the court order allows.  He’s no hero, but he does love his children and wants the best for them.

      • mARY says:

        idiot JON pays child support. Kate went to court and told the court she only wated him to se the kids every other weekend. Plus Kate sometimes refused to let Jon see them take some time and look at court records maron

    7. scislandgirl says:

      What a sorry excuse for a “dad”!  Dirtbag Jon LOVED THE FRICKIN TLC CHECKS WHEN HE GOT ONE!!!!  How long did it take Dirtbag Jon to quit srewing college girls and using them for money before he found a REAL JOB!!! Kate is the only stable parent in her childrens lifes – NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES!!!!

      • mARY says:

        stable she is not stable. oh Kates what is Kate doing with Steve. Do you watch last episode. wait a few month’s if Kates not working we will see child serves at her home

      • Jerry says:

        You are a joke, You are cluless when you say Kate is a good mother,Jon was a fantastic Father  YOUR THE DIRTBAG YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT Kate would not be a good mother no matter what. .

    8. Yankees062 says:

      Kate wake up, you are now going to have to support your kids, and stop having them making the money…………

    9. Grandmapaulie says:

      isn’t it too bad that there can’t be some meeting of the minds and be their for their kids.  I think Kate, being a mother, wants more for her kids than existance, after all, he seemed to be the money hungry one a while back wanting a share of her book receipts, even though he didn’t write it.  get real

      • Lukebandit says:

        Wrong Grandmapaulie!  kate the grifter realized that when Beth wrote the book, kate slept thru the weekends working on the book, that she and Beth were listed as co writers and she realized if she added Jon, kate and Jon would get 2/3 of the money and Beth a 1/3.  When kate was given an organic cow for the beef, she wanted to give Aunt Jody half of it but MADE her pay for it.  SO something was given to kate and then instead of giving half of it to Aunt Jody to pay her back for taking care of the kids all sick while kate and Jon traveled across the US to get Jon hair plugs.  This is why she freaked out when the kids would get the least little thing on their clothes, because she took them to the CONSIGNMENT shop to sell them, not give them to needy families. This pyschoic behavior has affected the kids, they panic when a shoe is lost, stain on a shirt, missing sock. She really has done a number on them.   Aunt Jody has spent hours and hours babysitting, caring, feeding, bathing, loving those children.  kate is mentally ill and needs to be on meds.

        • Cuterepublican says:

          BRAVO! On this weeks shows, Kate admitted on camera, that NO ONE LIKES HER.  So so so true. The woman has a narcissistic attitude. She has to have every thing her way, she also admits that on camera. One of her nanny’s just quit working for her in last weeks show after working for Kate for 5 years. The nanny left in tears and said she just couldn’t take Kate any more…. no one can take her bad attitude. And notice how her older girls have the same attitude as Kate? I feel sorry for those kids having her for a  monther. She can get a good paying job as a registered nurse, and she can quit her complaining about poor old Kate. So glad the show is going off the air.  Bye bye Kate… you can’t dance and your a horrid mother!

          • mARY says:

            A nurse You are kidding Would you let this woman treat one of your family members? Lok what she did to her son . He threw up all over his blankets ON tape and all she did is worry about the comforter. Not the sick child then she brought him downs stairs put a blanker on laundry floor and have the little boy lay there then she shut off the light. Jon came home from work and kate was still worried about comforter. Jon went into laundry room and brought the little boy up to thier bed room. Go look at tapes. Ohh when her little boy was sick and in pain she could not be bothered with him she was busy reading the book of furniture. Jon took little boy out to car and helped him. If a child dared crawl out of crib during nap time there were thier for 4 more hours unitl Jon can home and rescued them All on eoisodes go watch

    10. Jkhellman says:

      Jon’s not  on television because no one would hire him.  He makes me laugh now that he’s out of the limelight he puts Kate down.  She’s certainly not perfect but as long as the checks rolled in he was happy.  Cut off his part of Jon and Kate Plus Eight and suddenly it was bad for the kids.  Now that the program is gone his child support is going to to really increase.  He may need a second job.

      • mARY says:

        nice that Kate puts down the father of thier children.  Go back and look at episodes. If Jon hit her like she kit him every time you all be calling him a wife abuser. All this was in episodes. Kate always putting thier father dooooooown. Some Mother

      • Anonymous says:

        unlike kate, jon lost it for a bit, but his head is on straight now and that is all one can ask for. He sees what is going on and he doesn’t need to panic, those kids will be flocking to him once they stop believing their mom telling them to stay with her because another show is going to come up. He doesn’t seem the least bit upset he is off t.v.

    11. I'm Poor says:

      Based on some crude math and rough guessing, I’d say they made at least 8 figures for several years ($20 – $30 miilion). That’s more than I will make in a lifetime.  One would think they could have paid cash for their Pennsylvania home at least 30 times over on a fraction of that income.  There must be additional residuals from TV and more money on interviews, appearances, and speaking engagements to last a lifetime.  My 3 kids only cost me about $60k per year total and I’m pretty sure my mortgage payment blows theirs out of the water.  Did they blow the rest of their money?  How much money do they need to live on?

    12. Thediva1941 says:

      Well isn’t that special, how could she work as a Nurse, doing 12 hour shifts and be a Mom, with no father to help share the load, she’d spend all her salary on hiring help to look after them, Jon you really are a jerk.

      • Lraffray5 says:

        I am a nurse and I have children and work shift work.  That is not what makes a mother. My children help with everything.  They see an honest hard working woman.   No one knows Jon or Kates situation.   Kate needs to let the children be children and not burden them down with the thought of having to move or change schools because they are not on TV now.  If  I don’t have money my kids do not know that I want them to feel safe, secure and loved.  When these children grow up they will have enough time to worry about not having money.  Working woman and proud of it… 

      • FlyBoy says:

        I’d say you are the jerk.  He seems to be the only one with his head on straight.

      • I am always puzzled by this attitude.  A)  Jon pays child support; B) He does have custodial time with his children, so he does share the load both financially and physically.  C)  It is a reality that parents must work to support their families.  Kate chose to have more than twin girls, so she must now accept the fact that she must work to support 8 children instead of two.  That’s how it goes. I’m a single mom and I don’t expect to have anything handed to me.  I have always worked to support my child, and am happy to do so.  Kate has had it easy; now she’ll have to live like most of the rest of us, and figure out work shifts, etc.  It’s not rocket science, it’s completely doable, and she already has babysitters and nannies lined up for after school care. (Also, nurses usually work 3 days on, 2 days off.  She won’t be working 12 hour shifts every single day of the week, if that)

      • mARY says:

        what the heck did she do with the millons of dollars she made. go look and see how much she made on Dancing with stars. she could save a few thousands if she let Steve go. GO look at news Kate went to court to limit Jon’s visitis its public record you dope

      • Jerry says:

        She can do it like other single working mothers do. She just can’t be a movie star, thats what really hurts

      • laz call says:

        i have to pay for child care as well for five kids and have little help from the father . Kate could have help from jon but she but she only wants him to have the kids on certain days. I am sure jon would be more than happy to have his kids while the kate works . Also child support from jon can help pay for day care.  Kate can also  work 8 hour shifts as a nurse get her kids off to school  and can be there when  they get home !!        There are 8 hour shifts if you want them  my sister is a nurse and works them . So i guess ur the jerk now

    13. Lfgirl1988 says:

      Be grateful Jon that the world loves your children and watching how they have grown.  the show became a hit because of all the kids and you and kates’ life.  I personally will miss seeing you all

      • mARY says:

        Jon refuses to have any photo’s of filming when he has the kids. Funny no paps photo’s of them. But Kate calls them to tell them where she is withor without them

    14. Anonymous says:

      This is the best thing that could have happened to these children.  I hope Kate doesn’t take her frustration out on them when she no longer has all the free time and money.  Jon was always the nurturing, caring parent when they were together on the show.  Kate was mean to him even if he went a little crazy after their breakup.  I wish him and the kids the best, but Kate needs some professional help.  She is mean, controlling and cold.  She needs to quit using them for financial gain and then saying they will be upset…she is upset!!

      • Cyndi says:

        Did we even watch the same show??? How was she mean to the kids??? How did he nurture these kids? If you did watch the show why did you watch and support the show that you seemed to hate?

        • mscott says:

          Uh, she was always ranting to the kids AND Jon!  She goes on and on about how much she loves them, but heaven forbid ANYONE (including her children) mess up her “organization!” 

        • Anonymous says:

          are u deaf and blind. I watched clips off of youtube after reading some of her antics and caught the last show just for sheer satisfaction but in what I saw was a self serving narcissist who is out of control. Her husband Jon seems to have gotten a grip after letting a little fame go to his head but he clearly is the nuturer..clearly. Even now Kate is using her fan base by letting them know “just how very sad the kids are and even little Maddy thinks the camermen must hate her cos they left.” Seriously, why is she ensuring that the few fans she has know just how sad the children are and don’t for one minute think that she isn’t reminding these kids that “if not for there bad behavior, they would still be on t.v.” Reputable psyhcologists have labelled Kate as unfit and rot full of psychological problems. Can’t u see that Cyndi. She is using you and her tweets will fall off once she figures out that none of you can help her get back on t.v. WAKE UP!!!

          • Tn_trinh86 says:

            Lol did you see the last episode where the they had a interview with joel and one of the little girls think it was alexis but yeah the two kids say the show is ending we are sad.. then the camera guy goes why are you sad
            and then the two kids and smile and reply we are just sad then joel laughs right after it… lol if u watch the scene again its so obvious that kate told all the kids to reply that they are sad about the show ending.
            Bet you she sat them all down sayin no more toys trips the camera ppl are leaving us because the show is ending so you have to tell anyone that ask you how you feel about the show ending reply “We Are SAD!!”

        • Nancy Burian says:

          Cyndi, Cyndi, Cyndi, are you serious?  She was mean to everyone. Overbearing, controlling, demeaning, it’s her way or the highway, she had a big head, she spent just about all that money, and hey, wasn’t some of that money supposed to belong to the kids too?  hmmmmmm.  She got nannies to take care of the kids, and lets not forget the DWTS fiasco!  She turned into a WITCH.  What show were you watching Cyndi?  Wake up and smell the coffee girl!

      • MiamiMom says:

        Are you kidding me, this piece of garbage needed to be controlled, look what he turned in to after he left.  Just look at him, seen partying with different women, smoking doing drugs, leaving his family behind to go with these hoes.  I do not feel sorry for him at all….he needs to get a grip on himself.  I bet he is sorry he ever left Jon + Kate.  Nurturing?  Perhaps that can also be called “Stoned”  Kate is the mother of  8, she is responsible for 8 lives, I would freak out as well, until you are the mother of 8, I would not put my 2 cents in to criticize her.  I have watched the show from the beginning, and what you call controlling I call discipline, without this and having 8 children all vying for attention, can become chaotic in a heartbeat. I do not believe she has used them for financial gain, I believe we wanted to see this family grow, and they both agreed, the children, seem to be well adjusted, despite their notoriety, believe me their lives are open books and if a court nor police have gone after Kate, she must be clean, Jon on the other hand had to get out because of his lack of self esteem and addictive ways.

        • You have your head so far up Kate’s rear, that you’re blind. gwen0000 stated perfectly-a self serving narcissist. I have never seen these kids genuinly happy when they around her. It’s her wanting to be on TV not the kids; she lives in a fantasy full if imaginary ‘celebrity’. She’s mean, calculating, cold and only serves ‘Kate’. Yes, she used these children attempting to be famous-unfortunately she failed, and that’s a good thing.
          I wouldn’t be around a miserable creature like her, always complaining, hectoring,demanding-heck, no wonder her ex-husband felt free, and went buck wild after getting awa from her.
          She needs to get a job, she’s a nurse, and make up to a 100k, enough to support her children; although I shudder thinking of her being a nurse, there is nothing nurturing about her.
          Her 15 mins of fame are up, and she should disappear into a real life being amother, if she’s capable.
          Nobody asked her to have 8 children using fertility methods, and nobody is responsible for the welfare of these children but her. Cry me a river Kate – we are not obligated to provide you with a lifestyle of your imaginary fame. Go away, and quit whining!

    15. Andrea Owen says:

      Have you guys watched the first episodes of jon and kate plus 8?  he did EVERYTHING for them!  i’m talking pre separation, pre divorce, you know, them good ole days, he did (according to the show) everything!   and now fast forward to this train wreck called Kate Plus 8, i don’t see how ANYONE can defend ANYTHING that she’s done!  it’s ridiculous!  i’ve actually had to turn this stuff off because it’s so upsetting to me.  she’s emotionally abusive to these kids.  she’s only concerned for herself and HER future.  she has completely messed up these kids and their future.  BRAVO jon for taking time out of this mess (we know you weren’t the one, long ago, that started this “messing around” nonsense, it takes two to tango on that part) to show that these kids need a loving stable home outside of this reality world.  they might just have a shot in the dark to be normal regular people.  she needs a kick in her reality’s ass, because obviously she isn’t living anywhere NEAR reality.

    16. Susan Lopez says:

      Jon is correct, there is nothing “real” about reality TV.

      My mother raised the 8 of us by getting a job-sometimes two.

      • Cyndi says:

        So if thats true does that mean Kate isnt’t a bad person like all of these people say she is?

        • Anonymous says:

          no Kate is a bad person. She has no ability to love or empathize and her kids will be writing books about her down the road and telling Kate’s fans how
          “their mom was so upset to be out of the spotlight that she blamed them and spent all her days on twitter trying to build a huge fan base to get her back on t.v., all the time neglecting them and blaming them.” She will eventually give up on twitter, her petition is a bust and her website is set to show 6 views for each time a person enters a site to reflect “interest,” Tell you what Cyndi, why don’t you ask Dr. Phil if he would have her on as a consultant to other parents of multiples and see what he says. He knows the temperture around Kate is very cool because he surely watched the shows and saw she is a mom out of control and in love with a body guard. It saddens me that she is so manipulative and you have fallen for it but if I can save but one person, my job is done. Go freeze some of those faces of Kate Gosselin, take a good look into her eyes and tell me, do you see a light in there?

    17. Even if you don’t like Jon, you have to admit he is speaking common sense.  Just because Kate got to enjoy five or six years of a big income, being on tv, having all the perks and freebies, does not mean she (or her children) are entitled to have this existence last forever.  A wiser person would have realized that this would be fleeting and socked away as much money as possible for this very day.  If Kate didn’t do so, that’s her problem.  Lots of moms are single and have many children to care for.  They do it by working hard, not expecting a life of luxury.  Further, Jon pays child support – quite a bit I believe.  That, combined with a decent income Kate could earn as a nurse, should be more than enough to support those children — in moderate, within-their-means, circumstances.  That means goodbye mansion, goodbye $70K cars, goodbye expensive vacations.  Join the rest of America, where living frugally and within your means is not a choice but a requirement.

      • Jerry says:

        so true no one feels sorry for her, if she wants to be a star, then give custody to Jon. Then her and her body guard can have fun  her a star and her BODY GUARD.. Jon and the children would do well, livivg a peaceful life.I hope the best for the children and Jon. I hope she wakes up and see how she treats people and the children. 

        • Cyndi says:

          If you look at the last show the body guard and his WIFE are in that show!!! She didnt do anything with the body guard!!! Even his WIFE says it never happened!!!

      • Cyndi says:

        Also child support is based on the amount the parents make and since Jon wanted to quit his job. One of the episodes the had him comming home from work saying he was so glad his job is over. Jon doesn’t have to pay big on child support because Kate had this show. Now Jon will have to actually work and pay child support.(not that he will) They are both at falt. They both wanted TLC! They both wanted the MONEY that can with them having these kids! Jon ONLY wanted out of it when TLC dropped him. Until then Jon was going to the produces and giving them ideas on a show with him and the kids! Jon is not the wonderful man you make him out to be. Look who has FULL custody of the kids? So what if Kate makes money doing this. If YOU looked at your hearts you too would do a show showing your kids to make money to help in this terrible economy. Kate would not be able to just hop back to work as a nurse after not working for years and taking care of her children!

        • terri says:

          Jon said he really didn’t want to do the show if I’m not mistaken. Child support isn’t based off Kate’s income it is based off his. Eventhough he quit his job he did go and get another. IS Kate a woman? If she is, she will have to get off of her high horse and stop teaching these children the superficial way of thinking. Life is not easy and things will not be given to you. I am a divorced mother and I hadn’t worked for 5 years because my ex provided for us. The day we decided to separated I got out there and worked my but off to make sure my children had what they needed in life.If  money premitted they received some things they wanted. Welcome to the real world. 

        • Anonymous says:

          you have clearly been duped and I bet she had some personal contact with you full filling some need you must be lacking to be so up on her. Jon is paying whatever the federal guidelines request of people, but I digress, Kate must have been on when something sad or horrible happened to you and you were watching the show and felt a moment of comfort or something like that to be so enamored by this 4th rate reality star and one of the most hated women in America. I read many times how people must be jealous but really, most of the USA can’t be jealous of Kate. Freeze frame her face when she is having a fit or freeze it when she is in her constant complain mode like she was when they were white water rafting, (trying to be all girly girl) but she looks like a miserable old hag. go ahead, freeze the shots, look into her eyes and you will see someone who is emotionally unavailable.

        • Nancy Burian says:

          Cyndi, wake up and smell the coffee.  Kate said many times she kept up nursing certificates, so she is fine to jump right in with that job.  It will do her alot of good to get back into ‘real life’.  She won’t change, she will always be that controlling witch, she will always be demeaning, and she knows best and that’s why she will never get a man.  Did you see her on DWTS, did you see her on Sarah Palins show about Alaska?,  did you see her on that camping trip?  did you ever notice how there were never relatives helping her out , other than her one brother and sister in law, and that didn’t last long at all. and how about her friends?  where are they all now?  Nobody wants anything to do with her and I will bet you a cookie her kids are not that thrilled with her either.  She needs serious help and I mean it.  Really watch the shows after Jon left and you will see that she was faking having a good time when in reality, she was bored and made it seem that it all was beneath her.  She is disgusting Cyndi.  Open up your eyes.

    18. mARY says:

      good for you Jon. WE know the truth. Thank you for not hurtiing your children by speaking ill of their horroble mother. I hope the twins will be free next year and if they want ask courts to live with you. I hope you are happy and have a great life. We know only a little what it was like to live with Kate and how impossible it was.

    19. George Cauldron says:

      Kate MIddleton symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the U.S. and her children would be better off if she got a terminal disease.

    20. mARY says:

      go watch some episodes from begining and see who is the parent that loves the children/. Kate getting up late in morning and jon having her cooffee reeady before he leaves for work . Jon coes home and gets kid ready for bed. Kids we stuck downstairs all d ay put in for 3 hour naps and if misbehaved they were in cribs until Jon came homr

    21. mARY says:

      if kon owed 100,00 in child support he would be in jail Prove this to me. Watch kate go on tv crying because she can’t take her kids on vacations. wow Kate millons of kids never go away on vacations. I hope some one asks her to show the worok her bank accounts and how much money she spent the kids

    22. MommyOF10Kids says:

      I have 10 children and never had a reality show.  I wanted each and every one of them, and their father and I have worked every day to support them.  Kate thinks she is too special, but she needs to get her lazy, flash in the pan celebrity butt back to working at the hospital.  Teach your kids solid values by showing them that their mother has a legitimate career!

      • Anonymous says:

        My mom and dad had 8 kids plus they took on up to 10 foster kids as a receiving home. Those kids were treated like family and my dad was the only breadwinner, he was a fireman but he had up to 3 side jobs. My mom didn’t drive so my dad was responsible for getting home and not only did he coach our teams for sports he drove us to our friends houses and into the hamlet that we went to school in that was 25 miles away for school dances and then come pick us up when the dance was over. But guess what he loved us and when the end came for him, he was in our care for 7 years, pampered, loved, involved even though he had suffered short term memory loss and blindness. He was home till the end, there was always one of us with him should he go to the hospital and we stayed with him every minute to ensure his care. On his last night of life, he was home and he told me and my sister, “you girls are so good to me,” He was an amazing man and my mom was also never left alone before she died. God repaid us by letting our parents leave this world with no fear or suffering, the both just fell asleep.

      • cali says:

        You are quite a couregous woman; I sense you have great values which makes you successful in your own right. I admire a woman, who does not mind getting her hands dirty when needed to support the children. The children will reward you for your sacrifice!

    23. Lisalou116 says:

      He is such a weiner.. He didnt mind it when hw was making all that money and was on tv…It only bothered him when kate would call him out on his stupidness and chid like behavior.. i for one was glad when his weiny ass was off the show…

    24. Cyleenmorgan says:

      I think John is right!!! Kate find a life and stop telling people about “one”

    25. Anniekh2007 says:

      Ohhhhhhhh damn Jon G. is seedy looking; there are two sides to every coin; and people who throw mud on an ex doing it self serving get the picture they cover their own nasty behaviors by pointing fingers elsewhere.

    26. Lo says:

      I just love how Kate says, “I don’t accept mediocre for my children” when discussing the possibility of not being in reality TV and getting a real job. Here’s a news flash Kate- millions of “mediocre” people have real jobs and great children and we wouldn’t call our lives mediocre. Maybe you should step off “reality TV” and start living a real reality that doesn’t exploit your children and marriage. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing “reality” about your ridiculous life pretending like the world will miss you and your show.

    27. Gloria54 says:

      well hopefully Jon is supporting his kids  (money)

    28. Moosebabe says:

      I think Jon should go for full custody – give the children a normal life – show them love where they sure don’t get it from Kate unless a camera is in front of her – the show Kate plus 8 turned into a show all about her – oh poor Kate – can’t even care for her children has to hire people because they are too much to handle – get a life – After divorce I was a single mother and raised 5 children alone (ages 4,5,7,8,9) – no child support ex tried everything in the book to get out of it and I worked a full time job and cared for my children all by myself.  Gee Kate could afford her place and keep the kids in their school if she wasn’t out spending all the money on her self beauty treatments.  When it comes to what does a joke mean it has a picture of Kate Gosselin beside it.  She thinks in her mind she is famous and the world needs her – go to work Kate go back to the real world – you ain’t nothing but a want-to-be….

    29. Anonymous says:

      Jon does bring up valid points. looks like someone’s gained some weight..

    30. MiamiMom says:

      Look at Jon, he looks like he has been up all night……He is a sorry human being…..He enjoyed the money from the limelight and jet stetted all over with many different women.  While his wife went about taking the children with her on vacation.  So I, him, would just shut up, he does not even look like the Jon who was originally on the show.  All of his so called “girlfriends” have dumped him, and he had to go back to work in a “normal” job.  So what, Kate wants to keep working on television, she looks way better than he does, her children look healthy they are quite smart.  She does not have any scandals, does not smoke, does not do drugs, is fit, eats healthy, is a certified RN.  What more do you want from her, she chooses the way she lives her life, Jon needs to remove himself, because he is a NON-Factor in this equation.

    31. Nancy Burian says:

      I just have to say something about Jon:  From the time their show started, he was always a good father, and a good husband even with his wife being so controlling.  He had a job, he went to work , came home and helped with the kids. Maybe he shouldn’t have quit his job as soon as he did.  All the while, Kate was getting worse and worse and that included getting a very big head.  It didn’t help with her being so controlling.  I  was always surprised that she got her head through the doors each week. After that farce of their wedding vows, splitting up, etc,  that’s when Jon went crazy with the girlfriends.  He didn’t cheat on Kate, Kate was the problem. You have to remember how she acted that whole time. 
      Anyway, Jon did settle down again, he got a regular job again, he sees his kids, he has someone in his life now, and is helping to support his family.  And another thing,  his words in this article were good, yes, tough love.  Kate thinks she is TV material.  That’s funny really.
      Kate, chill out:  sell that house, get yourself a nursing job, and get back to church.  That is where you belong.  It’s still a wonderful world Kate.  And one day, maybe you can get humble  and get your family and friends to be back in your life and your kids’ lives too.  That’s what you need Kate.  Love your children Kate…………

    32. Anonymous says:

      I have felt sympathy for Jon since the first time I watched the obvious animosity approach of Jons wife on the garage couch. No doubt there would be critisism and one person knows all from the early on. I only hope Jon gets some percentage of the cake whenever his kids are traveling around with the extremely organized mum! I hope he got at least a million for keeping his mouth shut! He might be an average guy married to a woman who got someextreme physical and verbal capasity unleashed correponding to six infants and a pair of twins. She probably knew who she married in the first place. If she married a guy too slow for her, why is he the guy stabbed in this story? I hope the whole story is a friendly one, the kabang only made for the media made up to feed the kids and the divorced parents for another few years. Behind the scenes I hope they have a better communication than they showed on the couch, and better lifes than we are led to believe!

    33. Livvy Procter says:

      Good for him!

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