Exclusive: Jill Zarin Leaves Housewives To Work With Patti Stanger?

Posted on September 16th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Jill Zarin may not be able to talk about her future with Real Housewives of New York, but try stopping Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger.

RumorFix just talked to Patti at an Emmy gifting suite and she told us exclusively, "Jill left the show on her own."

And here's the big surprise -- Patti tells that that she and Jill are working on a TV show together.  So can you imagine what two of Bravo's biggest reality stars will come up with?

UPDATE: Jill's rep tells us, "Yes what Patti said is 100 percent accurate. Jill is working on a number of exciting project including one with Patti. Jill also recently filmed an amazing pilot for a show that was just picked up and will be making the announcement very soon. Regarding Housewives, the network has stated over and over that no decisions have been made, so there's nothing we can do if nobody believes what they are saying."

With news about this show coming out by the hour -- let's bring you up to date on what we know:

Jill and Cindy Barshop are definitely out.

There are rumors that Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon have been axed. Alex and her husband, Simon van Kempen say it's not a done deal.

But Us Weekly is quoting Sonja Morgan as saying all four women are out -- but she's in.

LuAnn de Lesseps tells WNBC's New York Live that she's in, but has been told "there are three or four that they are trading in and out."

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    1. Mqp2009 says:

      OMG seriously calling Patty Stinger and Jill  Bravo Biggest Stars is just WRONG on so many levels.  Both are loud mouth, vile, mean spirited, selfish, narcisstic, thinking they know it alls that no class between the two of them.    Good Luck with that – 2 pigs in a pod.

    2. Bess says:

      Please.  There are thousands and thousands of people in Hollywood “working on a TV show”.

    3. Sick of Jill says:

      Jill may of left on her own becaue she knew she was getting fired. She likes her version better. 

    4. Sicker of Jill says:

      I wonder just how long that partnership will last.  Mostly I wonder who will watch them.  Yuck to both of them

    5. Michael says:

      OMG OMG OMG Does know one realize that Jill is under contract and she had no choice? If Patti is right then that mean she was fired 

    6. dsc60 says:

      if i’m to believe that Jill and Patty Stranger are two of Bravo’s biggest stars then it makes sense that their new show will be a huge success.  NOT to both.

    7. FancyNancy says:

      Jill, darling, money can’t buy your job back. You were let go, terminated, fired, taking a permanent leave of absence. Why you ask? Because you annoy people, lie, backstab, claim that you know everything about everything, and your “star power” has gone and fizzled out. You’re working with Patti Stanger? Her alone is okay, but you with her? lol  Is your new show called “Who Knows More About Everything?” lol I can already hear remotes changing the channel, and TV set being turned off. I know you may consider yourselves “friends” now, but give it two show max….you’ll be up to your old tricks with Patti this time. Good luch Jill. You will need it. I suggest you go back to your life with Bobby, where you can annoy him, and he won’t mind one little bit! And don’t forget about Ginger. Whose nostrils will she lick except yours? Ginger NEEDS you, Jill. Go home.

    8. Lili says:

      I would love to see the Patty and Jill Show….YAY! LOVES IT! It can be called “everything that’s wrong with you” and Jill and Patti can tear the woman down and call her fat, ugly, old, etc. that would be genious and very funny!

    9. EBD says:

      I can’t stand either one of these women so if they’re on the same show I can easily avoid them both. Good for me. 

    10. BostonMom says:

      OMG I’m dying here, funny because I heard Jill say yesterday that she wasn’t gone and that they need her!!!  Get her, crazy Kelly and BORING Cindy off the show, keep the others!!! BAWBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY – Bravoooo fired me, talk to them!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!!

    11. Bizyme2005 says:

      Oh ggeeeez Two BIG MOUTH attention ho’s on a show together? LOL Jill will stay in the public eye anyway she can. She thinks she is a ‘star’ now. They are NOT the biggest stars on Bravo who wrote this peice of fluff? That is one show I will NOT watch. Won’t watch Stangers mess of a show and quite watching RHNY BECAUSE of Jill, Kelly and the Countess. Cindy is boring, boring, borning. Maybe I will watch again now if they are GONE. Too bad they kept the Countess. She might not be too bad, as long as she is not up Jill’s butt. We shall see.

    12. Bizyme2005 says:

      One more thing, Bravo FIRED Jill. She is lying as usual to save the ugly face of hers. She would NEVER leave on her own. Who are they kidding? LOL

    13. ashley says:

      Oh please!   These two plastic face biotchs working on something together…like what?   How to get a frozen face & be obnoxious.   No thanks! 

    14. Debra says:

      I hope they go do something on Public Access. That would be a good network for both of them.

    15. Steve says:

      To requote Mqp2009: “Both are loud mouth, vile, mean spirited, selfish, narcisstic, thinking they know it alls that no class between the two of them” – They’re both Jewish, right?

    16. gg says:

      “Jill left the show on her own.” Well, if that is true, why did JZ state that when she was fired it was “jolting”?  I think Patti’s time is up too. You are right Mqp2009, about their descriptions, I wonder which one will be the last one standing.  They both seem to be getting too big for their schmatas.   

    17. Jbartin says:

      Patti if you take up with Jill you lose me as a watcher.  what are you nuts.  Jill is slefish and mean.  Jill start taking care of your family…

    18. Muffet says:

      I watch Patti and laugh out loud to some of the statements she makes.  If Jill Zarin joins her show my friends and I will stop watching Millionaire or whatever she comes up with.  Jill is annoying, rude, money grubbing and just plain nasty.  He voice gives me a headache and she should be taken off TV period.  Patti, she may be your friend, but please help her some other way.

    19. Justus says:

      Please “kick” LuAnn off.  She was so far up … Jill’s >>>>> I don’t know how she managed to sit, and Kelly was a “fruitcake” with more nuts than fruit

    20. dee says:

      Two biggest reality stars?????  OMG….people need to get their facts straight!!!  Glad Jill is gone…she was nothing but a nasty troublemaker.  As far as Patti….she isn’t so swift herself….why hasn’t she found a man for herself?

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