EXCLUSIVE: Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen React to Getting Booted by Bravo

Posted on September 21st, 2011 at 1:35 pm

In our latest post from guest blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, we get Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen's reactions to leaving the Real Housewives of New York.

Alex McCord says: "We'd read many of the rumors about a major recast and the thought had certainly crossed my mind that I might become the sacrificial 'blonde'.  This call came just 36 hours before we launched Aluxe Home, our 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel & Bedding line at the New York Textiles Market Week and has meant we haven't had too much time to dwell on it as we are both so busy with our new venture.  Fortunately the quality & quantity of meetings we have had with prospective buyers exceeded our expectations and we have high hopes for Aluxe Home. "

Simon van Kempen says: "I had heard the rumors that Bravo was looking to take RHoNY up a fiscal notch, closer the RHoBH type money and if that was to be the case then we would have stuck out even more as the 'Brooklyn oddballs'.  We had a four year run on Housewives and while at the moment we are concentrating on our new company, Aluxe Home, we are in discussion with Bravo & other networks about other possible ventures.  Alex & I have been thankful for the amazing outpouring of support for Alex since the news broke.  Perhaps there was a place for Alex to remain on the show as the 'every girl' who appealed to a wide cross section of the USA, but that's not to be.  Don't write us off just yet from your TV screens as we might just be back on a new show in the not too distant future!"

- LynnNChicago

We wish Alex and Simon the very best!

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  • 13 Responses

    1. gg says:

      Alex and Simon, I do believe you are right about the “sacrificial blonde thing”. You have both taken the high road, unlike another who wants to go down kicking and screaming and in the process proving that Bravo was correct in getting rid of her.  I hope Bravo has a change of heart and returns you to RHoNYC or your own new show.  Thanks for the memories : ) 

    2. Janina says:

      Team Silex!

    3. Halle39 says:

      Love your grace and attitude. God will bless your endeavors because of your good spirits and hearts.

    4. ReunionProd says:

      Rooting for you both! You will do well. Looking forward to seeing you on TV again and purchasing your products. Bravo is looking at how you guys are handling this and it is exceeding their expectations. They are seriously looking into other avenues for you.

    5. Swtdancer1 says:

      I think a break from being on T.V. and all the drama that seems to come with it will do u both good.

    6. So happy they aren’t back!!!!! She is boring and he is disgusting.

    7. Gracie Lee says:


    8. Miket81 says:

      Didn’t have much time to dwell on it? They were campaigning on Facebook & Twitter to have people write in to Bravo to keep them on the show!

    9. Muriel says:

      My name is Muriel Wiener. I wish you luck in your new business. As you know it’s all hard work and you 2 r just the people to pull it off.
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    10. Muriel says:

      I am sorry that they hurt you both. It seemed to me that the entire plot was a giant rank out session. It takes a lot of courage to move on and not bash all the bashees and just move on.  AS for me, I have a great product and  I think it would be great for us to collaborate on on your Egyptian cotton towels and bathroom accesories. I wrote to you twice as we are already up and running. http://www.designerliners.com

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    11. Jeneev88 says:

      Both her n her husband have issues! I hope to never c them in another show again!

    12. Eluzader says:

      I will miss you, Alex!!! You are my favorite housewife!!!

    13. Eluzader says:

      They need to kick LuAnne off, and bring Alex back!!!

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