Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s New $20 Million Mansion

Posted on September 6th, 2011 at 11:24 am

This is a photograph of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's new $20 million Florida mansion. The couple spent part of their Labor Day weekend inspecting construction of their love nest.

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The couple bought the land for about $9 million and are spending another $11 million on construction. The property, which is situated next to the water, is said to feature a 'futuristic' design.

Enrique and Anna were photographed walking around the construction site holding hands and kissing while inspecting the work.

Anna Kournikova's former house on Sunset Island is currently in the market for 9.4 Million dollars.

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  • 28 Responses

    1. Anonymous says:

      he looks like hes dying of some kind of disease and also of depression. Anna looks pretty happy money money money   is all shes interested in. what a odd couple.

      • Chericlgj says:

        What do you know?????  You are negative and hurtful.  Their lives are non of your business.  Two people fell in love and are happy.  Let’s just wish them the best and worry about ourselves and stop making comments when you know nothing.

    2. Staci Lehman says:

      Pretty sure it was him and his money that bought the land and is paying for the house…don’t see her name anywhere on the deed….gold digger

      • Cheri Javadi says:

        Anna is selling the house she owns of Sugar Island for $9,000,000.  Not bad!!!  I think she has enough to contribute.

    3. Tinadebaca says:

      They both work very hard and I wish them all the luck in the world!!!!!!

    4. Snownurse says:

      She’s nothing but a live barbie doll. Wait to her looks fade,she has nothing else to offer. She made her money off her looks…….Time takes care of that for everyone,The ultimate equalizer….

      • Tinadebaca says:

        At lease she got there!!!  She didn’t sit at her computer making fun of people she knew nothing about!!  You are a sour puss and I feel sorry for you.

      • EI fan says:

        You know what? She is a model, what a surprise she’s doing money with her looks…!

      • Cheri Javadi says:

        All of hollywood makes their living off their good looks.  Do you know Anna personally, so you can make the claim she has nothing else to offer.  If not, then you have not right to judge.

      • Chericlgj says:

        I think some of us need to get a life and leave Enrique and Anna alone.  They’ve both worked hard and made their own money and I don’t believe Anna is or has to dig for anything.  She found a really nice guy and he found a beautiful fun girl and they fell in love.  Can’t we just be happy for them and let them live their lives without judging them 24/7.  Enrique is a brilliant songwriter and has given his fans beautiful music which has filled many of our hearts.  Please stop attacking and judging when you have no clue what’s happening in their lives and it’s non of our business anyway.   We just need to be happy we’ve been blessed with Enrique’s music and he’s in love and happy.  

    5. Giovanibocasio says:

      old women

    6. Soph says:

      Yup he is perfect.

    7. Paulinegilchrist says:

      good luck to them 

    8. Crystal Harris says:

      Congratulation’s are in order for the new little one!!! Wow!!! Too on the big house looks magnificent, but Enrique and Anna why so big? Are you guy’s expanding that family very soon!!! : ) Congrat’s to you both! Love Crystal
      If you need any friendly advice on the little one we have 6 children and another on the way due April 29 2012, much experience! LOL….I know that  keeping together time is a big one, even if you can’t be alone at times spending time with the kid’s together, parks, movie theaters, Disney Land, etc… makes the closeness of family time stay strong! Blessings to you Always!!! 

      • Judy Singer says:

        she is not pregnant and probably wont be for awhile as he has no interest in having children, he likes the life they have now and good for them, I hope they are happy in their new home…it is beautiful

    9. ExTennisPro says:

      I have to say he doesnt seem the type to have a house like that… I have personally worked around her and it seems to me that this house was made to her liking!  I agree she is digging

    10. Apuetevrg says:


    11. Well, they would know there are cameras around, so they keep kissing each other and the farce goes on…Enrique is gay

    12. MorganRuth says:

      wow people really need to get a life, they are happy together leave them alone! He is so so sexy! and she is beautiful! They both have made a killer living and name for themselves so i am pretty sure they bought the house together!

    13. Lol at people saying she’s diggin. Anna has earned from1996 until 2005 more than 250 millions of dollars. Until 2010 she earned another 40 millions. I’m sure she’s as rich as he is and her money are well invested and safe. She’s not  diggin.

    14. ACIL says:


    15. Zakumi175 says:

      can´t wait to see the baby!

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