Does Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend Have a Drug Problem?

Posted on September 30th, 2011 at 1:49 pm

They've been inseparable ever since they started dating - but just how much does Jennifer Aniston know about Justin Theroux's past?

According to Star magazine's interview with actor Keith Middlebrook, Justin is a former alcoholic who took drugs and lusted after Angelina Jolie while he was with ex-girlfriend Heidi Bevins.

The tabloid also alleges "He told me about using powerful painkillers like Dilaudid, as well as mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD and crack."

We reached out to Justin's rep, who set the record straight for RumorFix: "These statements are false and he is taking legal action."


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    1. KACEY says:

      under what allegations can he sue Keith?

      • Fatchance says:

        He can sue Keith Middlebrook for slander, but if he sues the tabloids first they have to prove that the statement was actually made but it kind of hard to do this if he was not paid any money for the story. Mr. Middlebrook has denied the statement.

      • Goldie says:

        Keith has denied on his website ever saying that stuff at all. It will probably be the tabloids that get sued.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Is Keith Middlebrooke jealous of Justin?  or Was he paid by some haters to bad mouth him?
      A lot of celebrities has their bad histories .    Especially when they are young with a lot money.
      Such as Angelina,  People is still talking about her bad past.  Now she has no poblem to raise her children.   Everyone makes a mistake.   
      Justin looks very healthy now.    I don’t get why Keith and Tabloids brought this up at this time.

      • Goldie says:

        Scandals sell.  They probably thought they would ignore it like Jen usually does. I’m glad to see she’s with a fighter for a change.   She’s been dragged though the mud for 6 years now by the tabs … enough is enough.

    3. lindy loo says:

      He is truly hot.   Good for you, Jen

    4. Khorrie says:

      Too bad Justin’s the one lying. I’ve heard stories from people who knew Justin when he was just breaking into the industry in New York and this all sounds very familiar.

    5. Redhotdevil37 says:

      It gets so tiring  hearing about Angie and Brad and their brood and then people bashing Jen. We love you Jen and think you are the best actress. Angie has NOTHING on you just because she has all those kids (and we all know its to hold onto Brad) she is worth nothing, your beautiful, you are smart, talented, and more loved then she is. keep up the good work and don’t settle be who you are.people don’t realize you can’t give love til you learn to love yourself for yourself.

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