Teresa Giudice’s Not So Chic Beach House

Posted on August 4th, 2011 at 8:33 am

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is showing off her newly adopted, less-extravagant lifestyle, by boasting a very modest beach house in New Jersey.

PICTURES: Teresa Giudice's Not So 'Fabulicious' Beach House In New Jersey

After the reality star and hubby Joe Giudice filed bankruptcy two years ago to the tune of $11 million in debt, the couple claims to now be living the  “simple life.” Joe even once shared that he shops "at outlets and buys things cheap.”

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The tiny beach home in Beach Haven West, New Jersey is definitely not as chic as her Towaco, New Jersey mansion. And although the hot-headed housewife once said that she's "terrified of being poor," it looks like she could be doing just fine adapting to the not so fabulicious life of the rich and famous.

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    1. Jpicarello080680 says:

      Is this really the Guidice’s beach house?

      • Janeen448 says:

        This is her house my dad lives down the street.  The houses there are expensive anything on the water in Jerey is expensive.  It used to be a little shack and they redid the whole house.

    2. Jponder924 says:

      hey, for all we know the inside could be done in marble, gold and onyx! I’m sure they bought cheap to fix it up, and I don’t have a beach house, so Bravo to them!

    3. Tmwilliams33 says:

      People should stop hating! I don’t have a beach house…so good stuff to them!!! Why would they need an extravagant beach house when they are only there 1-2 months a year!

    4. Starra says:

      Where is the proof that this is her house? As far as I know, this is just a random home that the website is claiming to be teresa’s.

    5. Jscig says:

      That little shack is located in an expensive beach town NJ. Look up recent sales in that area and you will be shocked at what people will pay for those homes

    6. bjird says:

      Do you know the meaning of the word “chic?” There is nothing chic about this woman. Her NJ house might have cost a lot of money to build and outfit, but it is completely generic. It is not fashionable or stylish–in other words, not chic. Please–you’re a writer. Learn the meaning of words and take some pride in using the correct ones. Thank you.

      • k3192 says:

        If the writer thinks the house is chic, they are  aloud to say it is! Just because you don’t like it makes it ugly! A lot of house of that size in the area is decorated like that! It’s not my first pick in design but I would take it! So why don’t you stop being a jerk and being narrow minded. Thank you.

    7. Gwenrocks79 says:

      YES that is her beach house. I live in Brick and  sell jewelry in LBI, right down the road from this house!

    8. Cheryl3171 says:

      I thoroughly enjoy ALL the Real Housewives shows. In my opinion it’s meant to be for entertainment purposes.  I don’t believe it’s ALL reality.  If it were, then I feel that knowing these people are human just like all of us, then not only is it ok by me when they make mistakes in life, but I think I would stop watching it if we didn’t have the entertainment of the Danielle Staub’s, the Kim Zolziac’s, the Camielle Grammer’s, the Kelly Bensimone’s, the Kim Richard’s and the Teresa Guidice’s!  They really spice these shows up!  There’s times when I’ve watched episodes like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, (dinner from hell with Allison Dubrois), and thought, “wow this one is definately great for ratings!” Ha ha ha…  Can any of you imagine these shows without all these people?  Whether we love them or we love to hate them?  I take it all with a grain of salt and think, “no matter how much of these shows are an accurate portrayal of their everyday personalities, I’ll continue to watch in awe at the beautiful homes they live in, the priveledged lives they have, and their genorosity.”  I look forward to the witt, sarcasm, and humor each week!  Lastly, are any of you as happy as Iam that Bethanny Frankel not only got her own show, but that it’s a success?   I think she’s awesome and I’m so happy for her, Jason, and Brinn.  (Can you tell I truly am a fan of these shows ha ha ha) I enjoyed reading what all of you had to say.  Thank you for allowing me to share too. (Sorry for all the spelling mistakes ;o)  

    9. Test says:

      Yes, that is her house.  I live a few block few blocks away.  These beach homes on the water in NJ are expensive !  Kudos to the them ! 

    10. annoyed at ignorance says:


      • nancy says:

        You are so right!!! You cant touch the houses down the shore!!  Having been a jersey girl all my life and spending every summer down there, I have seen it.

        • Homercles says:

          Really?? I have the 3rd generation of the same house without the gaudy stucco. My home is 2 minutes from the bay, this one about 30 minutes (you must boat slowly through lagoons). Zillow’s Zestimate for this house is $303,000 and it is assessed for tax purposes at $270,000. That is relatively inexpensive for a house near LBI.

    11. DogsRLove says:

      They are on the Bay side not the Ocean. It’s a major fixer-upper – something you would rent out for income purposes.  If that’s what they are doing, then it was a good business decision. If they bought it to use themselves all season and do not rent it out, then it’s just another debt with the biggest property tax in the country.

    12. Jad says:

      They have had that beach house for years and most likely paid over 500k for it.

    13. Sjgidget says:

      I live in Beach Haven West. Judging by the rest of the neighborhood, they refurbished a Shapiro ranch. Most people buy these, raze them and start over. As far as property values go, the old houses are worth nothing, but the waterfront property is the valuable part, the closer to the bay the better. We refer to this as a shorehouse, not a beach house. The beach is 4 miles away across a bridge. IMO, these exterior renovations give BHW its summer nickname–“Italian Ghetto”, when we are overrun by NY/north Jerseyans. We celebrate in mid-October when the shoobies close up for the winter and we get our neighborhood back.

    14. dawn says:

      I want to be the Guidices – declare bankruptcy then still be able to afford 2 mortgages, a newly furnished home, a grand piano, a mercedes benz, and the many more luxuries they have.  Joe must have hidden away a lot of cash so he could avoid paying back the people he robbed from.  Must be nice to cheat and steal your way through life.  This is America!

    15. Dmigliore says:

      what a joke, my friend has a mansion in LBI on the water with a  boat the guidice house is over the bridge in the poorest section og beach haven i was chatting with them on the beach last week. the homes are 15 minutes from the beach by car. so YOU dont know the jersey shore the houses on her block go for roughly 275.00

    16. Cscs551 says:

      Any property no matter how small on water in NJ is prime real estate. They live in Beach Haven West. They were cheap ranchers that were build back in the 60’s and 70’s. That was back when you could fill in wetlands and build lagoons.

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