Jill Zarin Exposed: The Truth Behind The Rumors

Posted on August 12th, 2011 at 10:51 am

There's been endless speculation recently about who will (and won't!) be asked back for season five of the Real Housewives of New York.

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One cast member in particular seems to be setting the rumor mill into overdrive: veteran Housewife Jill Zarin.

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Jill has been insinuating, either directly or through conveniently overheard conversations, that she may decide not to return to the show.

But a source very close to Housewives confirms to RumorFix exclusively that if Jill does leave the show, it won't be because SHE chose to move on.

Our source says: "Bravo decides who comes back, they are the ones who draw up the contracts. It seems like Jill is just trying to give herself an out in case she isn't asked back, or just phased out."

Considering Jill's sharp dip in popularity since her behavior in seasons three and four, we wouldn't be surprised if she's worried about getting the boot!

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  • 33 Responses

    1. Gen82 says:

      First, cya! Long time overdue too!

    2. Wcp2122 says:

      Good riddance – maybe then she’ll have some time for a 12-Step recovery program for narcissism, hypocrisy, envy and resentment.

    3. Roxie washing says:

      OMG, just take a look at the poll. That says it all.  Not to mention the Major dip in the ratings for Part II of the reunion show.  

    4. Mmazz802 says:

      YES!!!! Finally someone reveals the truth!! Way to be Rumorfix! Jill is getting what she deserves 

    5. janet says:

      Typical Jill lies! If she’s back for season five I won’t be watching it!!!

    6. mazel says:

      this woman is evil

    7. Kate says:

      If there is a God in Heaven, she WON’T be asked back!  Paaaleeeeaaase get this ill-mannered, unsophisticated, graceless, bitter, jealous, vacuous harpie OFF THE AIR WAVES and out of our lives FOREVER!

    8. gloria b says:

      Man did Bethenny dodge a bullet…

      • Beyoncca says:

        Bethenny is te bullet. Bethenny’s evil and says cruel things.NOT A FAN!

        • Indy Anna Jones says:

          Beyoncca – Bethenny indeed has a sharp tongue but she will never be at the disgustingy low level of Jill or LuLu Belle.  Jill has a cold, cold  heart and a huge jealousy issue.  She had no friends as a child and has built up a terribly destructive defense mechanism. 

        • Marine Wife says:

          Bethenny says it like it is…what makes her different from Caroline Manzo who is the same way besides how they deliver it…they both speak the truth and take no prisoners….accept it or don’t associate

    9. Lance says:


    10. CHRIS says:


    11. Tina says:

      What a horrible person!! Get her off!!! If she is back I will never watch the show again

    12. HunkyDorey says:

      she a c*** w**** BIATCH jigga yaaaaaa

    13. Kar Ma says:

      See you next Tuesday!

    14. Logan says:

      Bravo better smarten up and relize this type of personality (jill zarin) is not good for ratings. There is a feeling that most civilized human beings get,” a sick in your stomach”,” cant even bear to watch anymore”, type of feeling that is not going to being them ratings, its going to cause them to lose viewers!!!!!!…..AND IT ALREADY HAS!!!!

    15. Bravolette says:

      Oh, I can’t stand Jill Zarin. She is such a bully and troll.

    16. Heidi113 says:

      Jill, Luann and Kelly need to get the boot. If any of those three are on next season I will def. NOT be watching.

    17. Dina says:

      Andy Cohen are you listening?

    18. Marky says:

      Bravo help!!! Get this mother out of here… she is nothing but a hideous troll!! Are you listening Bravo Andy?? 

    19. Germaine says:

      15% want Jill back? Looks like the stupid ho is making fake profiles again to vote for herself! LOSER!!!

    20. Sammis says:

      Everyone is sooo tired of Jill Zarin . No talent, never has worked a day in her life, Thinks she’s a know it all, her book was horrible, and possibly the most annoying voice one has ever heard. Before you go back to obscurity Jill…please open up your purse and give Bobby his balls back!

    21. Ayla421 says:

      NO Jill NO kelly and no Luann

      • Maclori52 says:

        They are tooooo full of themselves.  I don’t think very many people can take them seriously or relate to them.  Time to go on with their own personal lives without the world looking in.  We don’t care!

      • regina says:

        Amen, Sister, those three are my most hated. can’t stand Jill and Luann
        makes me puke! Kelly is plain Stupid and jealous by nature!

    22. Dexterpie says:

      Jill is a monster.  But I like watching her lie.  Keep her, and letuswatch her get her cumuppence on TV.  Expose her for the liar she is.

      • CrimsonQ66 says:

        I with you Dex!  A perfect world would have LuAnn, Kelly, and Cindy getting the boot and Jill left as the odd-man IN.  I would love to watch her wiggle and squirm with the blondes.  I just want to watch her suffer (God help me!).

    23. Anonymous says:

      Get rid of Jill, LouAnn, Kelly.  All horrible people, treat others despicably. I have a bad feeling that the more you complain about these 3, the more likely Bravo will keep them on, to fuel the rage and antagonism.  However, might backfire, because I’m not going to watch them.

    24. Anita Vacation says:

      Her popularity was in the toilet last year and then, against the wishes of nearly all the fans she was brought back! Bravo doesnt care about what the fans think! That should be obvious by now!

    25. me says:

      I have just read the comments below, WOW, I’m not a fan of any of the housewifes but do some of you have the same qualities as the person you all seem to be commenting on. Why are people not just having a good laugh at this show?????

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