Is Demi Lovato Fat?

Posted on August 29th, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Demi Lovato, who has admitted to have an eating disorder, is firing back at critics who are mocking her increasingly voluptuous figure.

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Demi walked the red carpet at Sunday's MTV VMAs looking slightly fuller than normal. After being made fun on Twitter about her size, Lovato fired back:

"Guess what, I'm healthy and happy, and if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't."

Demi says she was bullied for her weight as a kid and consequently developed an eating disorder later in life. Still, it's good to see she's happy with herself.

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What do you all think of Demi's curvy figure?

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    • Tiff

      I think she’s beautiful the way she is! Shame on the haters, I wonder why all these young people have self image issues? You go girl!

    • Ruxy041687

      I think that mental health is TRUE health, the healthier one is on the INSIDE, the better one looks on the OUTSIDE; SO I THINK THAT SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!

    • Elijah

      Geben Sie Text oder eine Website-Adresse ein oder lassen Sie ein Dokument übersetzen.
      She has a lot of fat rolls and thick thighs and small breasts with wide but flat butt. No, this is nasty!

    • Steamy

      She has no tits!

      • Tiff

        ..and you have no brains.

    • Uz

      Who said she is hot ? She Look Like a Man !

      • Tiff

        You sound jealous? Im sure ur a peach urself 🙂

      • Emmanueloxendine

        you crazy as hell

      • Guest

        Hey Uz … let’s see you post a picture of yourself in a swim suit and let us critique you … Incidentally I have NEVER seen your name and face affiliated with the red carpet either with your “talent”.

    • Alguem

      Uz ….Demi lovato não é um Homem…ela é uma deusa ! Qe venceu seus problemas

    • Brianna

      I hope all you haters realize you are the reason she has been struggling with eating disorders in the first place. Take a good long look at yourselves and realize all of you are the ones with real problems. Please address them and stop dissing on this young girl!

    • Anonymous

      She is very Beautiful<3

    • Bellatrix_swan

      as long as she happy the way she is .. i think its good for her

    • elz

      she looks a lot better now than she ever has done!

    • She is so cute and i love her so much <3 #staystrong Demi we Here'for you We love u <3 #lovatic for ever #immabeastbelieber 😀 

    • Kirstipoo

      I think its good that she doesn’t have an eating disorder anymore. Eating disorders pretty much take over your life. 

    • nina

      i love the new demi’s body! smokin hot! hate those haters!

    • lucinda

      demi looks good, idk why anyone would say otherwise. hell, selena’s built like a stick, and no one is on her case

    • LovainLovato

      Demi is flawless. He being curvy rather then stick thin and built like boys she is built like a woman. Because of her loads of ill girls are becoming more and more confident about being curvy. Because of her I stopped cutting, so please get real you haters.

    • Jasmine

      she still looks gud no matter wat other ppl thnk

    • sercy

      i don’t know i think that she looks fat and pretty in the same time i mean even if she’s fat ….. i still like her love u demi

    • May

      Demi , your beautiful as always! you don’t have to listen to someone you  don’t know and say your fat.. i mean , who ARE they? are they a sucess superstar like you? NO! they are haters and you know haters do.. they just hate everything!! .


    • GracieBoo

      I say she’s absolutely gorgeous! I’d be satisfied if I look like her when I grow up(:

    • Andrew

      I’ve never really seen Demi as attractive, but that is my opinion. It’s better her to be at this state of condition making the best of her body rather than dealing with her body in unhealthy ways. She has a lovely smile and voice though. I might not be much of a fan of hers, but it’s better her looking like this.

    • Skylar

      She’s look so freakin hot,she was pretty before but now she looks grown up