Gary Shirley Fires Back At TMZ Over Strip Club Allegations

Posted on August 12th, 2011 at 8:39 am

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is calling bullshiz on a report published by TMZ that alleges he dropped $5,000 at strip club in one night.According to TMZ:

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"Gary made it rain at a 24-hour gentlemen's club in Miami -- unleashing a constant stream of cash from 1AM to 12PM. Count 'em. ELEVEN HOURS OF STRIPPERS."

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If this were true, we definitely need to work on strenghting our bond with Gary so he can invite us for this booty shaking romps, but unfortunately for us, this story is bogus. Gary took to Twitter on Friday morning, blasting TMZ for their story he claims is full of holes:

"Damn, I wish I dropped $5,000 (just kidding.) Hate tabloids," he wrote. "I was with some friends and we went to a club over a year ago. We were there for an hour not 11 and altogether spent maybe $100. If you got that kind of pic of me, you can make up any story to sell. Just saying, there's assholes out there for money - happens all the time."

And RumorFix knows for sure that it certainly does happen. In fact, some of Gary's acquaintances have come to us before with similar stories so we're going to side with the Teen Mom heartthrob on this one.

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    1. Jay Kuszki says:

      Does anyone else find Gary weird to look at? Maybe it’s just me…then again probably not 🙂

    2. Laura says:

      Poor Amber…. I understand her now

      • Amandaengle70 says:

        no not poor amber! she is a horrible girlfriend and a worse mom, i would not be suprised if she turns gary so far agenst wemen he turns gay

    3. Girliegirl says:

      wow i feel bad for amber but that why you shouldn’t hit you boyfriend in front of your child leah doesn’t even know any better.poor Leah 🙁

    4. well i all i have to say is…amber is pretty buut i dont know why she would be with HIM when she knooows she dosent ”love” him and there juust not ment to be why dosent she find somone else? and send her daughter with him for a day or two or whatever needs to be done ..because he is a GREAT dad to her !! 🙂

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    6. jm says:

      i think Amber is crazy and gary should get full custody…he is a great guy ..its amber that causes all the problems.

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