EXCLUSIVE: Levi Johnston’s Reality Show Shelved Because Of Sarah Palin

Posted on August 24th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Levi Johnston's career continue to be tied to that of Sarah Palin.

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An insider tells RumorFix exclusively that CMT has shelved his reality show -- although they loved the pilot -- to see what the former Republican vice presidential candidates does politically.

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At the same time, two months before the election for Wasilla, Alaska mayor, Levi has pulled out of the race, because he wasn't prepared.

Instead, Bristol Palin's baby daddy is focusing on promoting his book "Deer In Headlights: My Life In Sarah Palin's Crosshairs."

Producers for his reality show say they support Levi's decision.

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    • Taylor Myers

      Y would Bristol Still be with someone who is Ripping on their Mom! That’s retarded…levi’s just a loser Bristol…hello at least your mom knows what it takes to be sucessful…she was almost vice president of the USA!

      • Giddyupdonkey

        Exactly. NO girl is going to take back some idiot from the sticks when he rips her family.He didn’t think. Nothing good could have come from his earlier media blitzes. What”s Bristol going to do, read him lie and trash her family, swoon and say, “Gee Levi, I was wrong. You ARE mature and a real family man.”


        • Maybe he rips on Sarah Palin… because she is everything that he claims?

    • Michael

      he is such a ding dong patty whack 

    • Gap Johnston

      I’d like to punch Levi’s jeans…

    • DiscoBall

      Um, it was no doubt pulled because Levi is more boring than watching molasses being poured. Someone’s trying to do damage control for Levi. I know how this works. The imdb listing disappeared around Nov 2010 yet this comes out NOW???  

      Yeah ok. Levi was making a mockery of the political process just like Sarah. He is a joke who needs to mature and soul search. Immature people with no guidance don’t do well in the media. If he would have spent the last 3 years getting his GED, he could be working on the slope again and would probably have more respect and wouldn’t have lost friends. It’s sad when you’re more of a joke than Sarah Palin.

      • Levi’s probably not too exciting… but Bristol’s no better.