EXCLUSIVE: Is Cindy Barshop Leaving Real Housewives of New York?

Posted on August 23rd, 2011 at 6:00 am

In our latest article from star blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, she reveals some insider news about Cindy Barshop from the Real Housewives of New York.

"A source confirms that Cindy Barshop has not been invited back for another season of the Real Housewives of New York, this is probably no surprise to viewers who found her dull and boring and it is official!  Cindy looked good on paper, single mom of twin girls and successful business woman in an interesting business.  Touted as specializing in vajazzling and hair removal I suppose she could have been an interesting figure.

Cindy immediately aligned with the Brunettes on the show and viewers found her to be a bit strange.  Cindy's two outbursts in Morocco were widely criticized because they really were trivial and Cindy blew things completely out of proportion.  Complaining that someone stole her coat hangers then later complaining that she didn't get the seat in the van that she wanted, made her seem a bit unstable.

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Let's face it, Bravo has enough crazy dealing with Kelly Bensimon!   Worse than that Cindy was rude and disrespectful to fan favorites Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan.  Early on in the season she lied to Sonja while Bravo played back the scene proving that Cindy was lying.  By the time Cindy was rude to Ramona, her fate had already been sealed but just to put the final nail in her coffin, Cindy treated Sonja like hired help by taking a conference call while Sonja cooked breakfast for her.  Cindy even snarked at her fellow brunette LuAnn de Lesseps during the reunion spewing "don't tell me what to do!" causing Jill Zarin and Kelly to roll into fits of laughter like teenagers.

Bravo may have thought that Cindy's twins would have made a decent storyline but we learned early on that Cindy rarely cared for her children without a nanny in tow and the woman couldn't even spend one lunch with one child without calling a nanny to come and take the child away.

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This is not a loss at all for viewers, Cindy was wildly inappropriate, rude, crude and worse than anything she has no personality, nothing more to see her folks, Cindy's history and the other Housewives have been informed.  It's confirmed.

Bravo continues to drag their feet when it comes to the remaining New York Housewives not wanting any information to leak out, they're not confirming or denying any other cast member's contract offers.  Early indications however seem to lean toward Sonja, Ramona and Kelly all being asked to return while Alex, Jill and Luann could be in jeopardy."


RumorFix spoke to a Bravo rep who said: "We've not made any casting announcements yet."

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    • Lynn

      I think you mean “self-proclaimed” expert Lynn Hudson. Bravo has NOT released any information regarding any of the NY Housewives. She writes, “Bravo continues to drag their feet when it comes to the remaining New York Housewives not wanting any information to leak out, they’re not confirming or denying any other cast member’s contract offers.” So where is the info from Bravo confirming the info for Cindy Barshop? All in the head of Lynn Hudson and her imaginary sources. It isn’t insider news. It is speculation based on the obvious. And nothing that multiple bloggers and observers haven’t been speculating for weeks. 

      • James Smith

        Jill is that you???

      • James Smith

        Jill is that you???

        • MiketheIke


          • AdminAdminAdmin

            Lynn is that you????

    • Sallah

      I kind of feel sorry for Kelly (I know, crazy talk) if she is the only brunette back, she really might go off the rails. while she isnt my favorite, I dont want to watch her breakdown

      • Sarahlee

        Now now, Kelly doesn’t have breakdowns she has breakthroughs!  LOL And she’s NEVER in denial either. HA  She’s so pitiful.  I really don’t care to see any of the RHoNY brunettes on my television ever again.  If they come back, I won’t.  Wake up BRAVO! WAKE UP!

    • Rainydesert

      “Lynn” is a propagandist, not a writer. I am friendly with one of the RHONY and read Lynn’s blog just to enjoy the inaccuracies. If you want to maintain an ounce of credulity, I would suggest that you not use that woman’s blog as a source.

      • Actual Housewife in NYC

        Lynn is as much of a writer as the cast members of the RHONY are “stars.” It’s all foolishness, the woman on the show continue to make fools of themselves, and bloggers like Lynn continue to keep it all in check. 
        I’m sorry you are friendly with one of the RHONY – it’s got to be a tough job. 

      • pastBostonian

        “If you want to maintain an ounce of credulity”…..
        Credulity = A tendency to be too ready to believe that something is real or true.

        Maybe you meant “credibility…” 

      • Anonymous

        Jilz is that you?!

      • TeresaTeresa

        You sound like KooKooKelly. Regardless, you’re too ignorant to be taken seriously.

    • ClubGuy

      I also know on of the RHONY. You should know that Cindy Barshop has not one but two nannies who are raising her girls. Cindy would be hard pressed to change a diaper. 

    • Puffer lip some more

      What makes someone a housewives expert.  Whatever that is, Lynn’s not. 

    • LynnNChicago

      Ladies, please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m passing along information that I receive from credible sources, if you don’t like the information there isn’t anything I can do about that but you certainly don’t have to read it.  Lighten up folks!  It’s a tv show

      • Puffer lip some more

        You can reveal your credible sources now that things are lighter.  Sunday’s IHJZ blog about why housewives had left the show was snappy at us like you were irritated that comments wasted your time with questions about your reliable inside Bravo sources.  You also spelled Lauri’s name as Laurie.  If you can read Lauri’s mind you could at least spell her name right.  A housewives expert should get things right.

        • Shadester

          This is exactly what happened, so I dont get Lynn’s comment about ‘lighten up’….perhaps it would be best if she followed her own advice. She claims she answered thw questions posed, which she did, but not before SNARKING at those that dared ask them. I do have to question how accurate her answers actually were.

          Lynn is fine and kind as long as you praise her and give her pats on the back;…but dont you dare point out an error in her facts or even question them…if you do, she gets offended and bites your head off as if to say…’how dare you, do you know who I am??’ ala Jill Zarin….

          • Puffer lip some more

            Noone is shooting or hating just because Lynn says they are.  I don’t know why she changed the subject to herself as a victim because she doesn’t like the comments.  She gets her facts wrong and resents being questioned about obvious errors in her source’s information.  Why can’t she just let people set her straight and help her understand why her message isn’t a big deal.  It’s her delivery that’s all wrong.

            • Fhasdhl

              Especially when she is the first one to call someone out on an error.

      • BB

        Lynn, you can’t argue with stupid.  This site is called “RumorFix.” They obviously don’t get it.

        • lessinvestedviewer

          See…there it is. Attack and name call. Just like some of the HWs. Lynn typically has not kept good relationships with other blogs. How ironic that a lot of her blogging is about disrespect and covering up.

          • Mstarahebbler

            I know, she got so mad that TVTIME, the site that let her guest blog when WordPRess shut her down daily for her rude posts. I’m no Jill fan, but when it’s done to Lynn or people fire back at her, she can’t take it, but she sure can dish it out. Isn’t that right Carolyn? Back to TvTime, it’s a blog about TV, what’s on TV, cable and prime time shows, Carolyn was complaining that the other bloggers were blogging too much. The site wasn’t just about RH shows. It was called TV TIME, HELLO. She even had the nerve to have someone email the owner of the site.
            Then Quincy, who bended over backwards for her, co-blogged for her, monitired all the incoming lash back messages, did so much for Carolyn and she didn’t even have the decency to put her on her blog roll or even congratulate her on getting her own blog in a post. But she would take $50 for one of her cheezy key chains from Quincy.
            This is old news by the way. We knew this about Cindy, just pointing out that if we didn’t already know this, how would we know this isn’t true?
            Carolyn, Cindy made the announcement. Exclusive my a$$.

            • IReadthatBlog

              I Hate Jill Zarin was not shut down because of rude posts – Jill Zarin’s cyber assistant filed daily complaints with Word Press. TVTime was a temp home until Lynn could find one that would be free of Zarin’s attempts to shut her blog down. So for a couple of days, Ima had a guest blogger who got more hits than she did ever – call it what you want but someone was very jelly. And as for the key chains? Give it a rest you moron.

            • aileengil

              I find this comment hysterical.  Why on gods earth would I be Jelly for page views on my blog?  Wouldn’t that be the goal?  Is this your assumption or did someone feed this to you.. ImaJustSaying.. 😉

            • DandyAndy

              B/c you sound ignorant.

            • Which statement in particular are you referencing?  Do tell..

            • Bess

                For instance, IJS’s post for yesterday has 42 comments,  the IHJZ blog has 734 comments.

            • # of comments do not make a successful website..  it’s the page views and mostly the unique hits.  Followers for TVTIME comment on FB and twitter mostly.  Just different.  “For instance”  is that your example of?  

            • Fhasdhl

              OMG, are you okay, wait I’ll talk to you over there.

            • LMAOOO who are you?  

            • SuzieQ

              So many complainers.

            • Fhasdhl

              it’s the same 20-30 ppl making repeat comments.

            • lynnsrummerfixed

              On the IHJZ blog, there are only a hand full of bloggers. They post all day like an IM. 1,000 posts by 20 people. She will also change yor post and then type her own, and block you from responding back. Then tells evryone they went away because they couldn’t take the blog message. The messanger is a liar.

            • Loki

              More power to Jill’s cyber assitant, got the job done LOL!

            • KendallJ

              And helped her get something even better. Spectacular! Epic Success.

            • Loki

              Dude she couldn’t afford her own blog there is nothing epic about that LOL

            • Makayla

              Not everybody who hates Jill is automatically a Lynn fan.

              I am only grateful her site doesn’t boast a giant picture of Lynn. *shiver*

              Lynn is a dumbf**k.

              Keep sitting on your ass blogging every day about how much you hate people, fatass. Your own ugliness oozes from every enlarged pore in your body.

            • DiaBLa

              JILL you are going to give yourself a fit..chiLL!!!

            • Loki

              No one needs to see a large HD version of  THAT

            • Fhasdhl

              No, YOU ARE WRONG. She partnered with IMA. Get ur facts straight then when they had a disagreement about IMA and her staff blogging about tvtime and other shows Lynn threw a fit. Remember the post, the blog has moved over to tvtime and her tweeting to mags that IMA is her new boss. YOU MORON!
              FYI about the hits, they weren’t unique hits anyone can have a site and have the same 30 ppl comment all day and have their comments be in the 700’s. Some of us work and don’t site on blogs and comment all day.

          • MiketheIke

            That wasn’t Lynn replying to you genius.

      • Mstarahebler

        Why do you tell people on your I hate Jill Zarin blog to go to rumor fix as if someone else wrote it? What about that post you did few months back  (acting like a fool) demanding inside scoop from Bravo? You know that if you knew what you were doing and had credentials at least, then you would of been educated enough, and maybe privileged to be one of the media circuits to get this privy info. Then in your post you said If Bravo didn’t (which they didn’t) then you would boycott Miami? You did, but why would you boycott just one show? Bravo don’t respond to threats when they try to get people to compromise a show? Seriously, I am not being a smart ass either. Please explain. How do we know if this is true to what you’re saying? My guess is you and the “credible source, Carly Hall or one of your blogger buddies told you this.

        • Norwegian

          Sounds like you want a personal conversation with Lynn. Don’t crowd the comment section with your personal attacks. In your own words, and with all due respect, you ARE being a smart ass.

          • Fhasdhl

            If you don’t like it door is that way ——————->

      • Makayla

        Actually I am in favor of saying shooting messengers is GRREEEAT. Haha… just kidding, you know freedom of speech to call you a fat ass and all.

    • jules

      Why beat up the messenger folks?  It doesn’t seem like Lynn is stating anything that’s actually untrue.  Just what her sources tell her.  Isn’t that what journalists do all the time?  Remember, it’s a television show, not world peace.  Relax people and have fun!

      • Lynn

        Sources? Like who? Santa Clause? Oh, no – he’s too busy fixing Kelly’s tats. Or her tits. So maybe the tooth fairy. There are no sources. She just wants everyone to believe she has the inside scoop. And her cult buys into it. 

        • Pretty00-099

          Believe it or not. Only 2 choices. See how easy that was?

      • Mstarahebbler

        LMAO, journalist? She finally after all this time splurged $17 on her own domain because she burned every bridge.

        • Loki

          Isn’t she suppose to be a “Lawyer”?

    • Drkswilliams

      Thanks Lynn. Goodbye and good luck Cindy.

    • Jennifer33

      Reality TV is NOT for Cindy.

    • MiketheIke

      Cindy who?

    • WCW

      Cindy might have been interesting if she didn’t fall into the mean clic so quickly. We judged her by the company she kept. Oh yeah and then there was the lying. Never mind, she should be gone!

    • I really enjoy Lynn’s blog and her articles. There is nothing inappropriate here. What’s wrong with you people?

      • Lynn

        Good for you. Enjoy yourself. Some people don’t like it when someone re-hashes stuff that has been floating around the internet for weeks and labels it exclusive, when they claim sources they don’t have, claim to be an expert on stuff when they are just gluing together info and adding some speculation.

        Kinda like when a certain redheaded loudmouth yenta decided to announce to the world that Bethenny had had a baby boy. 

        Paging Mario Singer. 15 minutes of fame has gone to someone’s head. Jill Zarin, move over make room for Lynn Hudson. 

        • JHiccups

          Then those someones should feel free to stop reading and move the hell on to what they do like to read. Paging this clown Lynn I’m responding to here. Take an overdose.

          • Makayla

            Nice how Lynn’s freak encourage suicide.

            What a bunch of hags.

    • Sara

      Well, that’s a relief.  I didn’t think I could take another season of watching this incredibly boring and unpleasant woman.  Thanks for the tip, Lynn!  Enjoying your contributions here.  🙂

    • lessinvestedviewer

      Nobody is shooting the messenger, but like a psychic, if you make enough predictions, you are bound to be right on occasion.The Andy story was shark jumping.
      You have now become a public figure and you are certainly being treated more kindly than you have treated others. It isn’t your insider information that upsets people, it is the conclusions, intolerence and embellishment.
      You seem overly sensitive to public opinion. Only you can decide if your hide is tough enough to weather diverse opinions. Jill Zarin has had a difficult time with criticism, I think she calls them hatred.

      • Mstarahebbler

        Exactly, but she can dish it out. RE: You seem overly sensitive to public opinion.

      • Gingerisdead

        Funny how Lynn’s opinions seem to bug people so much. Her insider information is no different from anyone else’s. Me thinks some people are too impulsive and can’t control themselves let alone read opinionated articles. You like Andy, terrific. You want more Cindy whatsher name, have at it. Don’t like what you read, MOVE ON!!!!! Why personal attacks on the author? 

        • Bill

          I think it is Lynn who bugs people.

    • Ginger

      Lynn is a blogger…. Bloggers are not loved by everyone – nature of the biz. I love reading her blogs and am happy she has a home here on RumorFix.

      Re: Cindy… Possibly the worst casting error ever made by Bravo….

    • fair warning

      It is a superficial reality show that most of us enjoy as a guilty pleasure, not worthy of fighting about. Chill pill everyone, it is not worthy of so much negative energy. Peace.

      • Fhasdhl

        Don’t go there.

      • Brenn

        LMAO. Have you ever read Lynn;s blog? Negative energy up the a$$. Her stupid blog followers don’t just kiss and wipe her ass, they powder and diaper it too.

    • justanothermary

      I have read a lot of the blogs pertaining to RH and have always found Lynn to be more credible than the other bloggers out there.  Good-Bye Cindy.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather read Lynn’s blog than actually watch the show, hers and the Gawker recap. These types of blogs actually weened me off. If I happen to catch a rerun..I usually get irritated in the first 5 min and change the channel.  Oh and Bravo will confirm when they want not because a blogger asks.  Much like ABC never confirms anything that RealitySteve writes about the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows but it all is true in the end.

      • Lynn

        You are comparing Lynn Hudson to the incredible Richard Lawson and the amazing Brian Moylan? Seriously? 

        • Sarahlee

          um – What Deep_Sigh stated was an analogy, not a comparison.  You’re trying to hard to find criticisms.  As for Cindy, you’re right, old news.  But YOU’RE losing credibility by attacking the blogger instead of discussing the blog.  It’s very obvious you have something PERSONAL against the blogger so whatever you say about her loses any weight it may otherwise have.  You just sound bitter about something and honestly childish.

          • Rob, Lynn – separated at birth

            Don’t know either one of them, don’t care about either one of them. They are both grasping for fame; he’s obviously got a more established platform (HuffPo) but he’s no better than she is. They are both making it up and claiming exclusives to stuff that’s been all over the net for several days-weeks. I enjoy blogs that offer thoughtful analysis, good snark. Lots of times her blog does that, her commenters are great. Dont’ know why she feels she’s got to do this. She is going to ruin a good thing.

        • Loki

          She wishes!

    • Ashlee

      A monkey could do what Lynn does.  If you’ve seen her pictures, she sort of resembles one, so I digress….Lynn is not used to anyone disagreeing w/ her and can’t stand it.  She is more like her target Jill Zarin then she cares to admit.  When none of her “inside sources” are determined to be credible, Lynn can cover by making excuses and stating that minds were changed.  Either way, she thinks she is an expert, but she’s really a joke.  At least among those she wants to have some kind of professional comradarie with. Like Bravo, for example!

      • CIndyBGone

        Fool, this is a rumor blog. Do you know what rumore means? #You’reasdumbasadoorknob

    • Fhasdhl

      From Lyn’s blog,
      “Yesterday’s Andy Cohen article for RumorFix got some interesting comments”
      This isn’t his article you douche.

      • ALLY30

        Hope you’ve had time to see how ridiculous your comment was. She was referring to the article she wrote on Andy. Next time, drink your coffee first. Read and re-read. Then just STFU. Douche!

    • Ashlee

      Lynn shut down or alienated other blog friends.  She doesn’t do her “radio show” anymore (who know why), she actually investigated and attacked another blogger she didn’t like.  Lynn is a strange woman.  Desperate for something. She isn’t a good writer, a personable human being and has a thin skin.  She is going to make it.  Don’t know where the keychains went but now she’s hawking her “daughters” organic soap.  I am sure that $$ goes right in Lynns pocket, to fund her quest for housewives glory.  Or to pay her bills! 

      • KarinRHONJ

        I take it you’re one of the alienated blog friends? Everyone surely understands why she did that with you. What she does or does not do with her money should not be your concern. Wish you would have put the name of your blog here so your fans can see how petty and childish you are. Some mothers really should eat their young. Someone should have made that recommendation to your mom.

        • Rachel

          “Some mothers really should eat their young.”

          From the size of her, it appears Lynn has taken care of eating every mother’s young.

    • James Smith

      Jill’s bestie, Naughty but Nice Rob, from Huffington Post wrote an article yesterday. Everyone knows the “cast member” that gave him info for the story was Jill. There was a subliminal threat in there that a “tell all” would be coming out but they are waiting to see who gets asked back & who doesn’t. We can all expect Shrill Jill to get down & nasty if the FANS have their way and she doesn’t come back. She is so ignorant when it comes to her popularity because her cyber assistant blocks anything remotely negative. Does Jill even know how many people dispise her??

      • Sara

        How pathetic – Jill Zarin feeds info to a contact at HuffPo to keep her name in the discussions.  I suppose she hears that clock ticking down on the last few seconds of her 15 minutes of fame…so sad for her.  But it will be such a relief for the rest of us.  

    • James Smith

      Jill’s bestie, Naughty but Nice Rob, from Huffington Post wrote an article yesterday. Everyone knows the “cast member” that gave him info for the story was Jill. There was a subliminal threat in there that a “tell all” would be coming out but they are waiting to see who gets asked back & who doesn’t. We can all expect Shrill Jill to get down & nasty if the FANS have their way and she doesn’t come back. She is so ignorant when it comes to her popularity because her cyber assistant blocks anything remotely negative. Does Jill even know how many people dispise her??

    • Jill

      Does RumorFix actually pay people to make stuff up? If so, where do I sign up? 

    • Michael

      she is totally boring.. time to move on 

    • CindyAdams

      If Lynn has all this inside info, then why didn’t she know that RHNY filming is being pushed back another 3 weeks? Why didn’t her reliable source tell her this major news? Her arch-enemy, Naughty but Nice Rob (who also has a whole stack of unnamed sources, code-named BS1, BS2, etc) got the “story.” Yesterday. Between these two, they are destroying gossip. It isn’t any fun when you know they are just making it up.

      • Rachel

        She pulls her sources out of her ass.

        Granted, her large ample ass.

    • Jacquelyn Shephard

      Jill is not in jeopardy.

      • Fhasdhl


    • OB

      If you don’t like the messenger, than don’t read the article.  Why aren’t these haters posting at tvtime ot realitytv, or twop trying discredit and attack the writers of the articles over there?  IF you do it here, you should be able to do it over there as well.  The fact that they appear to only attack LynnnChicago is very telling.  As Bethenny says it best: Go to sleep, GO TO SLEEP!

      • Puffer lip some more

        It’s all ok.  It’s been nice that Lynn responds here.  

      • lessinvestedviewer

        Some people aren’t haters, they just think that is okay to express a different opinion. Lynn would do better to respond in a friendly manner. BTW, I hear AC isn’t being demoted, but getting a talent contract. Due to book deal and other offers. Heard it from an agent in CNBC’s parking lot. Credible? Not sure.
        The people hurting Lynn the most are the ones calling others names. It looks like she is not surrounded by credible people. Gingerettes anyone?

      • Loki

        The only thing Bethenny needs to be doing right now is eating something she looks like hell, she may be forty but he neck says 60

    • Cleo’s Mommy

       Lynn is a thin-skinned hypocrite who possesses many of Jill Zarin’s worst qualities.  http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978289611

      • Ashlee

        That’s just ONE small part of Lynss’ reign of evilness, nastiness and hypocracy!  Consider yourself lucky, she just blocked you!  She is a delusional, slightly demented lady that will eventually have a big fall.  Hopefully in a public blaze of glory!

        • Stoopidassposters

          Did you get permission to come online? You sound like a spoiled brat of a child, or worse, a loser adult. Fall yourself. Better, throw yourself over a cliff somewhere.

          • Makayla

            You sound like one of Lynn’s zombies. And you people say Jill Zarin has minions? PUH-LEEZE.

            • Just wonderin- what did Lynn do that was so evil? 

            • Bill

              Not sure you are much of a moral compass, doll.

      • Anonymous

        Lynn doesn’t possess any of Jill’s evil’s, sorry she’s one of the most honest down to earth hard working people I have the pleasure of knowing.  I’ll tell you this, she has the most knowledge posted on her website on not just RHONY’S show but on all the RH shows and other Bravo shows as well, not only that she has other members that write blogs on other reality shows other than Bravo’s shows.  If she’s ever in error she’ll always bring that to everyones attention for all to see, I havent ever seen her have to do that which says alot about her information.   Whether you agree with her or not she’s not going to boot you out of there which makes it great because not everyone will have the same opinon keeps it very interesting which makes her absolutely not a hypocrite.   

        • Makayla

          Looks like Lynn’s 2 fans are in full force. Must be hard posting under all those names pretending she’s not the C word.

          Oh and by the way Lynn bloggers, bragging about 1000 comments on a blog when 85% are conversations like a chat room is really nothing to brag about.

          She is a nobody with a bunch of nobody followers. 

          • Makayla

            Sorry I apologize. She does not have a bunch of nobody followers.

            She has TWO nobody followers.

            • StaceyCarv

              Make that 3! My name is Stacey and you are an idiot! Love you Lynn!!

      • Fuji_Japan

        This pertains to the article HOW? Get an education.

        • Rachel

          Lynn is a hypocrite. It pertains. Unless your only purpose in life is to follow her around and kiss her ass?

          How many hours a day does that leave you to spend with your cats? 

      • Loki

        What the heck is “Chicago Pork Chop” doing here

        • AdminAdmin

          Same thing your mother’s doing by selling herself on the corner. And regretting the day you were born, of course.

          • Rachel

            The only Chicago Pork Chop is Lynn. And no one wants it.

            • Loki

              That’s right, too much FAT hardly any meat.

      • Makayla

        I Hate Lynn Hudson.

        • ChinaLeChon

          Everybody Hates Makayla.

          • Makayla

            Not as much as they hate Lynn’s face. Or ass.

            Eh. same thing.

            • DiaBLa

              JILL, Is that you??

          • Fhasdhl

            I don’t, I like her.

        • Makayla

          I find it HILARIOUS that most of the comments her have nothing to do with Cindy Barship and everything to do with what a joke Lynn is. Either that or it’s a  “kill yourself by jumping off a cliff” threat from one of her brainless blog followers.

          What a loser. Seriously Lynn, get a real job. And also a hair straigtener.

          Maybe try a salad once in a while.

          • Fhasdhl

            See this site is turning like her stie the same people keep commenting. Makayla, I spit my h20 out lol’ing so hard.

      • Cleosmommyisjillousagain!

        My goodness you’re jealous and hateful. I’ll pray that you find another way to bring in viewers besides spitting venom. Maybe try writing better and providing more engaging content?

      • Cleo.. are you on twitter?

    • Xxxnortamericanxxx

      So glad Cindy was not invited back for next season.  I am now looking forward to hearing that Jill and Luanne will not be back as well.  I have not been able to watch this show with these MEAN GIRLS.  I also think that inviting Kelly back is asking for more trouble, she obviously has mental health issues and is being exploited by Bravo.  I do hope all the blonds return, even though Alex has the baggage of her husband, she IS the voice of reason on that show.  AND Lynn, keep up the good work, I get all my housewife news from your blog and now these articles.

    • Who’s a Bully Now?

      Lynn’s M.O.: Julius Michael (who tweeted the news about Jac Laurita’s replacement a couple of weeks ago) tweeted to Lynn that the Cindy thing is old news. 

      Her answer to him: LMAO I’ll beat the crap out of you! haha

      • Puffer lip some more

        Lynn’s just like Jill.  Rebuff commenters, jokes fall flat and she’a a blog bully. 

    • Brenn

      Lynn. regurgitating existing info and calling it something special and exclusive is pretty lame.

      • ChinaLeChon

        In the music industry we call it remixing. In the gossip business, it’s called RUMORS. Pick up a book sometimes.

        • Brenn

          I find it difficult that you (as a Lynn ass-kisser) would know how to pick up a book yourself (or anything that isn’t a cheeseburger.)

    • appalled

      geez you guys need to calm the frick down

      • LULU2U

        Cut them some slack, they’re idiots.

    • Brenn

      I think Lynn is an expert on eating donuts and cupcakes. A BIG expert

    • Ashlee

      Lynn won’t last long on Rumor Fix, or any other forum where people don’t agree with every (crazy) word and theory she comes up with!  She can’t take it!

      • AdminAdmin

        And I guess, with your obvious maturity and all, you can? #GrowtheFup

        • AdminAdminAdmin

          Yes, we all pale in comparison to Lynn’s maturity. She like what… 100? As far as behavior, she is the typical 7th grade Queen Bee. (but unlike one, she is fa and ugly.)

          You and your blind ass no life no friends no sex followers need to #Getaclue and #GoOutsideandEngageinLife

    • BlueSky_Forever

      jealous much? success breeds contempt in some

      • Lancome

        and crime in others. What’s your point?

    • Rob, Lynn – separated at birth

      In a race to the bottom, NaughtyNiceRob quotes a whole bunch of people who have no names as saying that Bethenny is leaving Bravo: “Bravo has been good to Bethenny but at the same time, Bethenny has been good to Bravo,” a friend of the reality star tells me. “This is business and making the right move for her future. She will always be grateful for everything they have done but at the same time, after the tragic news of the suicide of a cast member of the Beverly Hills ‘Housewives,’ she doesn’t want to be part of an organization that rewards bad behavior.”

      Poor Lynn. Her fictitious sources aren’t as good as Rob’s fictitious sources. 

      Bethenny has said for some time that she planned for this next season of her Bravo show to be her last. Rob repackages it, makes up a quote, and pretends he’s got a scoop. 

      Lynn is bucking for honorary membership in the Jill Zarin -Rob shluter fabulous circle of friends. 

      • Anonymous

        Nothing fictitious about Jill being Rob’s source for all his RHONY chatter……

    • Rockyfork1

      Lynn is worth her weight in gold.Looks like Jill has impostors posting again.

      • DaughteryK

        Or fans as clueless as she is. Whichever.

      • Rachelliu0596

        I think Lynn is worth her weight (and it must be tons) in rat feces.

        You Mr./Ms. Rockyfork1 are correct.

    • Oh give her a break– Lynn is very well intentioned and does the best she can getting the facts across. Blogging isn’t easy and I admire Lynn for dedicating herself to her readers more than anything else.

      • Geneva

        Too funny. Aren’t you the one who went on that blog posing as one of Jill Zarin’s assistants and trying to get them to believe all kinds of BS about Jill Zarin? The one who her commenters went after, exposing you for claiming all kinds of interior design work done by others as your own? This is getting really crazy. 

        • I might not agree with some of Lynn’s readers who do not have their facts right, but others are very nice there. 

          • Carol_DC

            Don’t bother Kelly. So many idiots, so little time. Looks like LOTS of people read Lynn’s blog. Keep reading idiots, but get your facts straight. Or like you say, don’t believe everything you read.

            • Bill

              A lot of people who have nothing else to do with 16 hours a day or more read her blog. LMAO

      • Loki

        Kelly, she ran out of breaks a long long time ago, what ire she gets here is well deserved.

        • BethennyROCKS

          As per you? Well, I guess GOD has spoken….

        • Just wondering- what did Lynn ever do that was so evil? 

          • Loki

            She’s too ordinary to be evil.

      • Rachel


        Everybody knows Lynn arranged that whole fake drama for her own blog hits. You don’t exist.

        Hiiiiiieeee Lynn. And if you do, you’re pathetic. Which in essence makes you exactly like her.

        • Oh my goodness. God bless your heart in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

          • Brenn

            you should ask god to bless, you, psycho.

            • Okay, so you say i am a psycho yet you furiously bash someone you’ve never met. 

    • superfan

      I think I missed it… what did Cindy lie to Sonja about?

    • Lisabeth

      Lynn, those interested in catty drama would never be able to articulate well. Good article.

    • Ignorethestupid

      I hope it’s true. Cindy is a non-entity.

    • Cindylou1962

      To take some of the heat off Lynn, and if you really want to see stupid, check out Rob Shuter’s blog on Huffington Post today about Bethanny Frankel’s new talk show.  He actually comments within the thread (with a bunch of typos — maybe in an effort to throw readers off, or he was incredibly loaded or high) and says something idiotic about Bethanny when he knew her before she became super famous.  Are these people losing their minds, or what?  I can totally see why he’s buds with Jillzy.

    • JamesFr

      I see people who have a beef with Lynn have come here to post their passive-aggressive bull on an article written aboutt another topic. Immature.

    • Bethfan

      Cindy was never relevant. We couldn’t care less if she disappeared.

    • If you want to disagree with the content- then by all means go ahead. But we are (hopefully) all adults here and should be able to have a mature discussion without attacking the author’s looks & something they cannot help. 

      Don’t hit below the belt. 

      • Ashlee

        Settle down DiDi.  Maybe if you spent less time on the computer you’d still have a husband? #justsayin

        • Me spend less time on the computer? You are on this page furiously bashing someone you’ve never met.

          I have a job and a son and that is my main priority. #keepinitreal

    • Quakin in my boots!

      Wow.  I’m amazed at all the comments about Lynn Hudson and not the about the content of the article.  People sure do know a lot about her.  She must have a crazy amount of lurkers at her site.  Good for her!

    • AdminAdmin

      Ironic that most of the comments here don’t even address the article topic. It’s just an opportunity to attack Lynn. Look at the comments below. See how many even mention Cindy. Rumorfix, you see what’s going on for yourself.

    • MW

      It is amazing that someone could be so “inappropriate, rude, crude” and still come off so dull and boring.  I can only hope and pray that your source speaks the truth!

    • Actual Housewife in NYC

      You do all realize that this is ENTERTAINMENT. The show, the blogs… it all for entertainment purposes only. All this emotion and hatred is over entertainment. There is no real war here. But there are real wars in the actual world… and people starving, and gangs of thugs attacking people… I mean, honestly. I found myself here for an escape, the same reason I watch these silly women on the shows, the same reason I’ve read some of the blogs – it is entertainment. Direct this negative energy in a direction where it belongs.

    • FLG

      Lynn has created a blog community where we discuss Bravo shows along with many other subjects.  She has given many a creative outlet to express views that were being censored on Bravo’s own blogs.  Her sight has provided her many readers a forum to discuss, share and agree to disagree many aspects of reality television and life in general.  I speak for myself, by Lynn, I thank you.  Your site and many posters are thought provoking and entertaining.  Job well done by all.

      • FLG

        Corrections:  Her site has provided.    I speak for myself, but Lynn, I thank you.

    • Jennjames77

      So glad Cindy is gone now BRAVO needs to listen too their fans and get rid of Jillanne!! Alex is one of the best NYHW!!

    • Jennjames77

      Oh and Lynn girl we just got to laugh at Haterz & Jill!!!!

    • Jillhas5PRpeoplebutnointegrity

      Love your blog and am now a fan of this site, too! Embrace the haters; they just bring more hits. Grats to you for getting picked up by another site – nice to see a blogger that Jill Zarin won’t be able to buy off!

    • Cansee

      You morons Lynn followers are like a pack of hungry wolves. Why don’t you wake up and see this liar for what she is? Try disagreeing with her, you’ll get a classic Jill Zarin reaction.   Hate Jill Zarin=Hates herself

    • Sucka

      Whose “fan favorites”???????????????? Yours?

    • 148 comments and only like 3 of them were about Cindy, or the article.
      People are actually taking time out of their day to write comments about how much they dislike Lynn. Lol. It’s just kinda funny…

      Maybe Bravo should put Lynn on the show, she gets more of a reaction than the Housewives themselves!

    • Katy W.

      Thanks for the article, Lynn.  I enjoy speculation just as much as an actual fact when it comes to the housewives – i.e. gossip.  You know so much about the franchise that your speculation is more likely to be correct and if not, then it’s just fun.  I can’t figure out why some of the people commenting below are being so intense about it and why they seem to be taking it so personally.  Anyway, cheers.

    • Justmecheryl06

      Please get rid of Psycho Kelly and the  DisCountess!