EXCLUSIVE: Is Andy Cohen in Trouble With Bravo?

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 at 7:37 am

In our latest article from star blogger and Real Housewives expert LynnNChicago, we discover that changes are afoot for Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen.

"Andy Cohen has been demoted and is no longer in charge of programming at Bravo. According to sources, he is now merely the face and voice of the network but the network is also considering replacing him on Watch What Happens Live next season.

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Viewers have mixed feelings about Bravo's Andy Cohen and the powers that be at Bravo are considering replacing him altogether.

Viewers provided great feedback as they enjoyed Jay Mohr's guest host appearance on the show back in June and Bravo is considering offering Jay the job of host on it's late night live talk fest featuring guests such as Bravo cast members and celebrity fans of Bravo's Housewives shows."

- LynnNChicago

RumorFix spoke to Bravo, who say the rumors are not true.

“That is totally inaccurate.  Andy Cohen is still very much our Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development and remains the host of WWHL, which comes back for Season Five in September.”

What do you guys think - should Andy stay or go?

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  • 56 Responses

    1. Kimberly55 says:

      Holy schizznick! Yippeeeeeee!

    2. Thedashdidit says:

      Oh Lynn, I think YOU should be working for bravo. Thank you for the scoop!

    3. OneMoreinBoston says:


      Someone needs to be held accountable for the darkness that Bravo’s best shows have become.

      Do they even vet these “stars” or do they do an annual sweep of the looney bins to gather the worse cases to make their “talent”?

    4. Sheen3sheen says:

      Andy hands are bloody with Russell’s death. Not solely, but largely.

    5. KellyinNYC says:

      As always, great article Lynn. Good riddance Andy. Jay will be spectacular.

    6. Siestasun says:

      That is not right…Andy had nothing to do with Russell’s private life…Russell had demons way before this season…If your hands are not clean then don’t blame someone else…I love Andy!!! He is the best!!!   

      • ValleyVal says:

        I like Andy but his obvious favoritism towards the brunettes this season really po’d me. His treatment of Alex was deplorable. The fact he signed Stanger for 3 more years… I don’t know I just don’t know .. Also, Jay did okay, but I like Andy as well on WWH.

    7. BB says:

      I hope it’s not just rumor.  I want the fun Bravo back!

    8. BaaBeeLovesKitties says:

      Don’t know what to think of that. It’s hard to imagine there is nothing or no one to put a limit on what bravo will show.

    9. Mike0243 says:

      If Andy goes, I go. 

    10. CatLady says:

      All right Lynn, Andy is a kiss butt to people like LuLu and Jillsy. He shows such favoritism that some of the other Housewives don’t stand a chance. 

    11. AmericusVespucci says:

      May we never see his face on television ever again!

    12. Westof10thAve says:


    13. 123 says:

      Mystery solved. LynnChicago = TweetMaxine.

    14. Michael says:

      I love Andy!! But here’s the deal Kids…. If bravo does decided to 86 Andy’s tukas I need to be the replacement. I am the perfect replacement. 

    15. Michael says:

      They call me Andy Cohen junior for a reason! 

    16. Anonymous says:

      Auf wiedersehn, Cohn.  Your encouragement of Jill’s, Kelly’s and Luann’s bad behaviour has always kept me from liking you.  Besides that, your 1/2 program is boring. 

    17. Shadester says:

      Whatever anyone does….just DO NOT question Lynn’s information! There will be hell to pay if you do! Trust me, I kknow first hand.

      • Puffer Lip some more says:

        Yesterday she was irritated that her information was questioned and today she demoted Andy.  Diva antics and ego.  

    18. Kaitlin Rudy says:

      This just seems a little too far-fetched to be true… I think Lynn is just

    19. lessinvestedviewer says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t believe it. I love Lynn, but once she gets an opinion she wants to make it fact. She was easier to take when she only hated Jill zarin

    20. Michael says:

      I love you forever Andy! You and Wendy inspire me every single day to keep pushing for dreams of becoming a talk show host.. Leave Andy IN! 

    21. Tarajordan says:

      These rumors better not be true , I love Andy!

    22. Bobbiecalifornia says:

      This is bull crap and not happening lol

    23. Annalise says:

      This is so bogus. Andy no longer in charge of network programming?  Why would Bravo get rid of the genius behind The Real Housewives franchise? Your boring me.

    24. IN YOUR DREAMS. Andy is an inspiration and creative genius. 

    25. aemish says:

      Don’t let the doorknob hit ya..

    26. klmh says:

      Andy is more than safe. I like him too.

    27. Ccjellybeanboom says:

      can’t answer your poll, the question should be, ‘should Andy Cohen be replaced with someone with morals and decorum, who understands not to exploit people’s children with the camera, have unstable or sociopathic people return the next season when viewers clearly can’t stand them, employ grifters, frauds, and other various and sundry criminals who are portrayed as ‘wealthy’ when everything they own is borrowed or stolen or defrauded out of someone…’

    28. Theclownwrangler says:

      What’s wrong with the operators/owners of RumorFix, that they think this is fit for reading?

    29. Jfdaniel2 says:

      y’all be trippin if you want andy out. Stop being some no good gangsta hoochi coochie 

    30. Smarter ThanYou says:

      Looks like Rumorfix.com needs a bit of “fixing”. Lynn never said any such thing, that I can find. Where’s your proof? Give us the link.

    31. Ellen G says:

      Andy cannot be replaced.  His fans are thick as thieves.

    32. Ashlee says:

      99% of what Lynn claims is not true.  But her followers believe every word she says and will cut you if you question her.  Her head is now the size of the state of Illinois

      • Lynn says:

        So true. Reminds me of something Mario Singer once said about a castmate. Something like “your 15 minutes of fame has gone to your head.” Now let me think. Who did he say that to? Oh right. It was Jill Zarin. Yup, Lynn is turning into Jill Zarin right in front of our eyes.

    33. MomsThoughts says:

      Your “expert” is a hack.  Seriously.  I agree with Shadester – she is a hack and a bully.  ITS TRUE!

    34. Myrtle says:

      This is a shape up post to the viewers.  Im not buying it.

    35. Lynn says:

      Odds that Lynn actually knows something about Andy Cohen’s future are slightly LESS than the odds that Lynn will learn to use apostrophes correctly.

    36. Claca65 says:

      Would not be a big loss to Bravo. It is sooooooo obvious that Andy girl has her favorites when it comes to the housewives. He loves the drunk(Ramona) the poor (Sonja) and the poor white trash (Alex). I havent watched WWHN for awhile now. Didnt like the prejudice.

    37. Chris says:

      Andy reminds me of a more behaved version of Perez Hilton.  Wouldn’t miss him if he got the boot from Bravo.

    38. Anon says:

      Lynn really is a moron.  Where does she come up with this crap?

    39. Mangialardi15 says:

      I love Andy and would hate to see him replaced. I do wonder tho if it was his decision to keep Sonja and Ramona on the Housewives of New York and fire Jill and Kelly. Sonja and Ramona are both obnoxious and disgusting. I won’t be watching without Jill and Kelly, but I don’t mind saying adios to alex and Simon.

    40. gg says:

      Lynn, I must have initially missed this post since it’s dated August 22.  I REALLY like Andy, he is great at Bravo, the only way I would want him to leave is if he would replace Regis Philbin.  Live with KELLY and ANDY!  He could always host specials and reunions on Bravo. 

    41. tiffches says:

      The only thing I dislike about Andy, is he shows favorites.From each franchise, he clearly liked some better and even used excuses that some women took things more personal, so he was careful. In OC he had no probelm talking about Jeannne’s children or Alexis children in a bad way. Or talking about Alexsis or Jeanne.  Yet, he let Vicki and Tamara slide. Vicki is one of the ones he mentioned taking things personal. He never confronted her about two timing Donn or dating a deadbeat DUI dad. In New York, he favored LouAnne and Jill. LouAnne’s daughter made a very ugly racist tape, but she would not “allow” that on the show.Jill showed her true colors beginning at season 2, but he never called her on it. In New Jersey, he had a mintful of things to call Caroline Manzo on. Her adult sons acting like they were 8 and 10. Plus their treatment of others as well as illegal doings. Same for AL Sr. Yet Andy would rather hate on Teresa. He sure fell all over Melissa, Joe and Kathy and Rich. If he cobntrolled the show, if someone did not like the storyline (like LouAnne and Caroline) they should have been off. I bet firing Jill and Kelly was not his idea. Kelly also got away with a lot. Probably no problem for him to fire Alex

    42. tiffches says:

      The only thing I dislike about Andy is the favoritism he shows. In New York, it was Jill and Lou Anne. But he pandered to Kelly a lot. In Orange County, it has always been Vicki and later Tamara along with Vicki. In New Jersey, Caroline Manzo. He later added Melissa and Kathy to that list. These people are given a pass for wahtever they do. If the questions get too hard at the reunions, they threatne to walk off, and he drops the questions. He has never treated the housewives equally. I read one time where he said he felt Vicki and Jill took it more personal so he was easier with them. Not a good excuse. Other than that, I like him   

    43. NikkiM says:

      I love Andy Cohen..(so does every caller)  He makes the show!  Keep him or I quit watching!

    44. Daniel says:

      The drama with Gia was unsettling. While she’s a beautiful, smart, intuitive child, the episode bordered on child abuse. Very uncomfortable seriously!

    45. Kellykaty50 says:

      andy cohen is cross eyed and not a very good interviewer     he seems nice, but he should go

    46. Tired of Hearing Hate Speak says:

      Andy needs enlightening. He commented tonight about Santorum eating at Chick-fil-A and that he doesn’t like people who hate gay people. If Andy thinks that a person who eats at Chick-fil-A hates gay people he is mistaken. Does he also think that a person who eats pork hates Jewish people? Hope he finds some way to end his hatred of other people then maybe he could be a better host on his show.

    47. BigCaddyJC says:

      I grew-up finding that I enjoyed seeing what other folks liked too do with there time and energy….many folks could not come to acknowledge that they watched and enjoyed TV shows. That changed when I found out about “Bravo” and their cloning of their one trick pony show(Housewives of “wherever”)! I found it to be terrible(if a women’s based network insisted on producing such hateful shows based on Gay men’s stereotypes I believe that network would be ripped in the media)! Yet these sinister hateful typecast that Anti Clone(AC) produces over and over again he’s seen as an innovator. Strange world..

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