EXCLUSIVE: Are Tareq and Michaele Salahi Losing Oasis Winery At Bankruptcy Auction?

Posted on August 25th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Are Tareq and Michaele Salahi about to lose their winery due to bankruptcy proceedings?

RadarOnline reports that "According to an online Virginia auction calendar, the Salahi's winery -- Oasis Vineyards -- is listed for auction on September 18 by order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court."

But when we reached out to Tareq, he said the reports were not true and set the record straight exclusively to RumorFix.

"The story is untrue by Radar Online.  The Oasis Winery & all real estate is not up for auction…  The only limited items up for auction were owned only by Oasis Vineyards, Inc. ( not Oasis Winery)…which was either beyond repair or is truthfully our garbage that we don’t want anyways… It would have cost us more to have it removed, or repaired.  Its cheaper to buy new or fairly new in this horrible financial market.

The Oasis Winery is in fact reopening on Sept 24 and it will be a very exclusive private party for our good friends in Politics to family/friends and long time supporters of the Salahis before & after the White House dinner party."

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    1. Beth Harris says:

      This is great!   Love it!   never trusted radar online anyways.

    2. PSM says:

      Now it is an exclusive private party, why is Howard Cromwell selling tickets to an Oasis Hollywood event.

      • Howard Cromwell says:

        First of all the there are no ticket sales for the Saturday event.  The donations are going toward a charity event that is being held in Washington, DC the night before and will benefit the National MS Society-National Capital Chapter.  The event at Oasis on Saturday is a private event for a television show taping.

        You would know that if you actually did research vs. stalking their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

        • You mean a “portion” of the “profits” are going toward “charity.” Just like the donations were supposed to go to charity from your premier party – only there were no profits left over for the charity. How much did you get Howard.
          This doesn’t look like a private event to me:  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2023730031.  Password: MTV. What about all the celebrities that you say are gonna be there? Who has confirmed? I think Montel begs to differ.

        • BobGreene13 says:

          No ticket sales Howard? Really? 
          TICKET TYPESALES ENDPRICEFEEQUANTITYSunset Table for 10   more infoSep 24, 2011$1,000.00$9.95  0    1   2   3   4   5   VIP Table for 10   more infoSep 24, 2011$500.00$9.95  0    1   2   3   4   5   Sunset Donation   more infoSep 24, 2011$150.00$4.74  0    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   VIP Donation   more infoSep 24, 2011$100.00$3.49  0    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   OSCARS After Party Single Donation   more infoSep 24, 2011$35.00$1.86  0    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   OSCARS After Party (TWO Tickets)   more infoSep 24, 2011$50.00$2.24

        • PSM says:

          Really no ticket sales? Your event listed on EventBrite with link noted below is for Saturday Sept 24th and it is listed as being at the winery. Table for 10 is  $1000.00.

        • Totie Fields says:

          Keyword…….benefit. Do you have a specific percentage targeted?

        • Looks like Howard has changed plans. Here is what their event site looked like yesterday when it was 1 day – all at Oasis

          • Marie says:

            They can’t remember their own stories, just yesterday the Examiner ran a story saying “On Sept. 24 Oasis Winery will host the event “A Hollywood Oasis: When Hollywood Glamour Meets the Capital Region” celebrating the grand reopening of the winery and the third-anniversary of their friend Howard Nelson Cromwell’s D.C.’s Most Fabulous magazine. Not surprisingly, the event is ticketed, with attendees needing to fork out upwards of $1,000 for a “sunset table,” which seats 10.Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/yeas-nays/2011/08/salahis-say-theyre-reopening-winery#ixzz1W5ejiIkY

          • DC Guy says:

            I love how you arrival time depends on your donation amount.  the high rolls get there early on for the sheriff to kick them out. The middle ones get there when it’s dark and can’t see anything or get lost on the roads of Hume and the lowest priced ticket get to clean up after everyone else has left.

        • David Mortz says:


          You do realize asking people to “do research” on the Salahis will make certain that nobody ever donates a dime to your goat rodeo?

          BTW Howard, how’s that alcohol license coming along?  

          Too soon…? =(

          • Robyn says:

            jealousy says it all.  goat rodeo is the wives from the show.   you women really need to get your own lives.

            • Robyn – You are so stupid. Don’t you know that anyone that watched the show would know that. They weren’t just playing the show for you alone on your TV. Other people watched.

            • Hollabackgirl! says:

              OMGOSH I am soooo JEALOUS of the Salahi’s! I mean they’re the very definition of HOT SEXY AND FUN! I wish I could be like them…They have this Amazing gift of getting kicked to the curb almost anywhere they show up! Even their own mothers property, repeatedly! It’s like a Super hero ability like X-ray vision ya know? I so want to be almost as old as Jesus and get evicted from my moms property by force! That is wayyy too COOL. Do you think if I start lying about myself, make up a new name, the Salahi’s will take me under their wing and teach me the art of grifting and pathological lying??  What if I shaved my head an started getting cheap white girl hair weaves?? Please, please Robyn put in a good word for me! I aspire to be just like the Salahis, Michelle..errr..Michaele is my role model <3 <3 <–those are hearts cause I wanna be HOT YOUNG SEXY AND FUN even when I'm OLD and wrinkled like Michelle..oops, darn it I meant MICHAELE! 

        • Nemesis says:

          You’re a charity cheat Howard, but l’m sure you’ll look FABULOUS in prison.

        • Smarter Than That says:

           I received a pamphlet “invite” stating quite clearly there were TICKETS BEING SOLD. After doing a bit of research I find there are NO celebrities ( I am a huge fan of Montel Williams) and his attorney has told me in no uncertain terms will Mr. Williams step near those two.  Mr. Cromwell I think you might be unsure about the facts. As these two fame whores are obviously trying yet another SCAM. Disgusting.

        • not camille says:

          actually we did do our research which is why you are now back-pedaling and changing everything around, and you’ve managed to piss off Montel Williams on top of that.  NOT fabulous.  Get a haircut while you are at it.

        • DC Guy says:

          And  your advertising Montel Williams.  How do you explain his cease and desist letter and comments of knowing nothing about it or knowing the Salahis. Fireworks, where’s the permit.  I think this even is going to be a barbecue with pony rides.  Sure hope Sparkle shows up, otherwise someone is going to have to do it.

        • JB says:

          Please refrain from using the word stalking. If an account is open to the public, it is NOT stalking. That word as well as “racist” have been mis-used more during the past 3 year than ever before.

        • JB says:

          Please refrain from using the word stalking. If an account is open to the public, it is NOT stalking. That word as well as “racist” have been mis-used more during the past 3 year than ever before.

    3. robert says:

      I never believe the hype or the media until I hear confirmation for the individuals directly affected by the story! Good Luck to Michaele and Tareq! Have a glorious event!

    4. Sloane says:

      PLEASE! ME! ME!   I would LOVE to go!!! how can I go to this party???   Someone, anyone, bueller?, bueller?

      Sloane Peterson

      • You can go if you fork out a $1000 donation. There are cheap seats available but you won’t get to hob nob with the 500 celebrities that are supposed to attend.  Typical Salahi/Cromwell BS:  “The
        event will boast a great mix of food, drinks and entertainment with a
        ROCKIN the Runway Fashion Show, live celebrity concerts, wine and
        restaurants demonstrations from some of the areas local businesses,
        fireworks and an Oscars-type Hollywood After Party.” Over the top hyped event to separate people from their money with “a portion” going to charity – too bad there never seems to be enough left over

    5. Kathleen says:

      All the very best to them.   The media sure has torn their lives up.
      With the tragic news with reality tv, and real housewives show recently , I pray they remain strong through it.   Continue to rise above the very small group of haters.

      • DC Girl says:

        Haters?  No, we just want them to pay their bills and quit lying. 

      • VA Wine Deserves BETTER says:

         I pray they stay strong enough to pay their bills. Because the trail of victims they leave behind is massive. These two need to be held accountable for FRAUD, how many thousands of scammed dollars will be enough?

      • NOT Camille says:

        oh those poor poor people, how DO they manage to hold their…I mean your (gasp!)..heads up…it takes SO much work to constantly scrub the web and stalk the tabloid websites ready to sell one BS story after another.  Whew!  they — I mean YOU — must be SO tired!  And even more so after constantly staying on the run just one-half step ahead of the law the way they — I mean YOU — do!  you must be exhausted!!!!!!!  Oh do stay strong, after all you’ll need that strength when you plan your next narrow escape from the cops and your former employees that you managed to never getting around to paying….oh, did I say that???? The two of you — three if you wanna countMr Fab, are phenomenally PATHETIC and PATHOLOGICAL PEOPLE who belong in PRISON case closed!!!!!!!!!!

        • DC Girl says:

          Oh, and do not forget how they BUY fans.  The numbers shoot up with a purchase, and then they start that decline…only to jumpt back up with another purchase (I notice it happens after they sell a ‘story’ to TMZ).  Her picture is even on the advertisement for the buying of fans!!

      • Tarie says:

        Robyn, the media didn’t tell them to crash the White House, the Superbowl or to rip off Tarque’s mom. The media reports the facts, also, I’d note that I thought you mentioned David Mortz at one time. If not, my bad. If so, that’s a known alias of Tarque’s that I’ve had a conversation with. It’s great that the Salahi’s have advocates, I don’t care. But throwing their victims under the bus is not acceptable.

    6. Missy Holt says:

      What rumor have you fixed? What winery did they ever own? What court kicked them off of the property of Oasis Winery in 2007? Whaty winery did they steal over $30,000 worth of wine from in 2010 and serve at their Polo Con the following month? Do they own a car? par for their own car insurance? pay home owner fees. Own more than $18,000 to hair salons across the DC area? Absolutely!Rumor fixed!

    7. Big Looser says:

      If he can steal from his mother then he is more evil than anyone ever thought.  THEIF.

    8. Tricia says:

      I just wanted to say I really like Michaele and support her. Best wishes to you in life and keep that beautiful smile.    Seems like the Salahis have a few angry , jealous ones that follow them.
      Any one famous does.   That means you have arrived for sure.

      • Marie says:

        How is it that when people are asking questions about contradicting statements made by the Salahis, it makes them jealous?  So it is OK for them to use the media to fix rumors but it is not OK for the media to report on factual information like their upcoming lawsuits or bankruptcy auction.  That is what happens when you become a public figure, you get attention both good and bad.

      • Hola Robyn. Did you fix your headlights on your picture? You going to the Oasis liquidation sale?  Should be some good bargains.  See you at the grand reopening after everything has been sold.

      • DC Guy says:

        Hey Robyn, tell that to the numerous people in court against them trying to get their money back for not getting what they paid for.  Angry, yes, jealous, no.  Famous, sure depending on how your look at it.  Manson is famous, Bernard Madoff is and others. They are on the news as well and in books and movies.  Yea, they have all arrived I guess.  But jealous, I don’t think so.

      • Leah says:

        The word is infamous and some people do get angry but I can guarantee no one is jealous unless they want to be a grifting con artist too.

    9. Greg Balls says:

      As usual you can never believe anything out of Terd & Missy’s mouth. They never owned a winery just a lot of unsecured debt. As for the latest outrage  http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/25/montel-williams-michaele-tareq-salahi-cease-and-desist-letter-charity-event-winery-virginia-real-housewives-of-dc-white-house-crashers/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    10. WTF says:

      Um, how can you lose something you’ve NEVER owned? lol…

    11. DisgustedinDC says:

      First of all, Howard Cromwell is just as much of a con artist as these two maggots. Cromwell is no stranger to the charity-scam/fraud circuit..which seems to attract the biggest Con Artists. What about the separate RHODC Premier you held claiming proceeds would be going to wounded soldiers with Michaele herself boasting and bragging on her page she is so passionate about because her father served in the Military -yet not a DIME nor a PENNY was ever donated to the foundation? The place was packed to the hilt that night. The Salahi’s later back peddled saying they were not hosting the event but merely invited guests, yet their company America’s Polo solely owned and operated by the Salahi’s themselves were listed as host/sponsor of the event along with your joke of a magazine. DC’s Most Fabulous.

      I’m sure Montel is very happy about you using his name to promote your Hollywood Oasis Con on the 24th-  This isn’t the first time the Salahi’s have fraudulently used Celebs to promote their events.. Andrea Bocelli ring a bell?  Boasting an outdoor concert and appearance by Mr Bocelli, must have been oh so exciting having his attorneys legally B slap you huh? I hope Montel kicks your ass! 

    12. Skorp1nc says:

      Umm, how can these ppl lose something they’ve never owned?

      • Tarie says:

        Thank you for that statement! Corrine Salahi owns the Oasis, who built it with her bare hands while standing next to her late husband, Tarque’s father. Tarq owns 5 percent. Corrinne is another victim, I am thankful she has another son who cares for her and loves her and a great stepson as well.

    13. Blowjobjohn says:

      wonder what type of filming will go on??? hmm, they are managed by a ex porn star who thinks by changing her name will distract from the fact she got paid to … as humpty hump once said “doing the butt” …

    14. Ivisu says:

      Hey Salahis, I’m soooo glad that you decided to call this Rumor Fix blog so that all of the commenters had the opportunity to tell the truth about you scumbags.

    15. Jennifer says:

      I was married at Oasis Winery in 2006 and it was the most beautiful day of my life.   My husband and I really loved everything about it.   The owners Tareq and Michaele were gracious to us.
      The setting is perfect .  
      I pray for them to re-build.   We have all been there in life.  

      • DC Guy says:

        Robyn, yes, five years ago the owner.. not Tereq, but his father would have run that place as a great place. a few years later his son ran it into the ground and the overgrown, dead vineyard with falling down structures it is today.  Keep the memories and don’t go back to see it today, it will hurt.  As far as rebuilding.  it’s up for auction and they can’t afford to buy a wine barrel. 

    16. The Mommason says:

      Umm no the Winery is in Bankruptcy and the Salami’s are trespassing when they climb the fence to get in.  As k the Bankruptcy court appointed custodian if you want the truth.

    17. DC Guy says:

      You got to be kidding me.  I understand a judge gave them a court order to not hold this event, so it got changed to a “private party”.  But no permit for fireworks.  Can’t get one in VA.  No way to serve wine without a license.  And what I love most, is the notice at the bottom of the invite page which says that buying a ticket you can’t sue them, file a claim against them or take them to court.  So they are positioning themselves to walk away with the cash and providing nothing…….

    18. Tareq's chef says:

      Is it true that Rio and Sparkle are on the grill that night given the bankruptcy auction earlier in the week.  Bring your sauce. 

    19. rehersal dinner says:

      I’m trying to buy tickets for their 2 day event but the link is no longer working?


    20. Anonymous says:

      These 2 people are pathological sociopaths and liars. Do we recall when Tareq used a fake watch to post bond actually giving it to the court. They don’t pay their bills yet somehow rent limos and rack up enormous bills. 

    21. Linden says:

      I be there invited or not.

    22. Linden says:

      type o
      I’ll be there invited or not.  After all I learn from example.  I do not need to be invited.  I will show up on the John Deere and we’ll have a grand old time.

    23. Neighbor says:

      Wowsers!  Do ya think Journey will play at the grand re-opening?  They can do the warm up act for a live performance of Bump It!

    24. norman says:

      Always amusing. As much as they modify the web site(s) in response to comments, they can’t get away from the following: while some of the attendees at the winery event may indeed be invitees paying nothing, buying a ticket to the Friday event in Washington explicitly includes an invitation to the Saturday event at the winery …

      BTW if you read the actual auction notice, while it is completely true that the buildings and grounds are not being auctioned, “our garbage that we don’t want anyway” includes all the tables and chairs, all the kitchen equipment, the small remaining stock of Oasis wine, and all the wine-making equipment: all the stainless steel vats, all the oak barrels, the presses, the bottling line etc., even the farm equipment – in short, everything that is movable. It is long-lived equipment that to all appearances is in good condition especially since most of it is designed for heavier use by a larger winery so to call it “garbage” presumably proves what many have already been saying, namely that there are no plans to return Oasis to its days as a working winery.

      BTW if I were the sheriff I would remove the remaining wine which otherwise will almost certainly be drunk at this event instead of auctioned per law.

    25. Apj says:

      IGiven the recent events with the auction, salahi divorce, etc. s this event still occuring? 

    26. Guest says:

      They seem to be touting it as a private winery now and even have a pretty sign at the end of the driveway saying as much.  HOWEVER…I passed by there the other day and it is a mess!  The vines have withered, the place is overrun with weeds, etc.  Nobody would want to have a wedding there now and I don’t see how it could ever be ready for parties this fall.

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