Bachelor Pad Cast Needs To “Get Over It,” Says Natalie Getz

Posted on August 30th, 2011 at 3:44 pm

This Bachelor Pad cast "needs to get over it and start focusing on what they came here for: A Game," says RumorFix blogger Natalie Getz, who won the competition last year.

Natalie, who admittedly will kiss any hunk within 100 feet, says the Kissing Contest Monday night should have been a lot more fun.

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Here's Natalie's take on it all:

" On our season, we didn't get upset when the contest was announced because most of us were single and had an attraction to each other.

The difference this season, is that they are all either in a relationship, a parent, afraid to kiss someone who is in a relationship, or completely unattracted to the members of the cast. I wasn't super stoked to smooch at 8 a.m. on my season, but I certainly wasn't upset that I had to do it!

These people are losing sight of the game. If I were a single guy, I would have kissed Vienna Girardi how Kasey Kahl does -- just to try and get a vote from her, essentially getting the safety rose.

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The only couple on our season was Kovacs and Elizabeth, and guess what? I definitely tongued Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt laughed because she knew it was just a challenge and nothing more.

It's a freaking kiss -- mouth to mouth contact.

This cast needs to get over it and start focusing on what they came here for: A GAME.

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Furthermore, some of the guys probably didn't kiss Holly Durst and Vienna because they didn't want Kasey and Michael Stagliano to have them voted off, but you can't think like that! Strategy goes out the window during challenges. It's each man for themself! On our season, Peyton Wright and I tied for first place and had to "re-kiss" every guy. This was all edited out, so no one even knew a tie occured or that we had to go through and re-kiss everyone. Peyton was really sick with a bad head cold and I took the risk of getting sick for the sake of winning.

You bet I got sicker than you can imagine, but I also walked away with cash. You do the math"

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