Are Kate Gosselin’s Days On TLC Numbered?

Posted on August 5th, 2011 at 7:50 am

PICTURES: Busy Mom Kate Gosselin Runs Around NYC

Kate Gosselin's day on TLC are numbered - this according to Perez Hilton. The gossip blogger claimed earlier this week that Kate's show, Kate Plus 8, may have been canceled.

"Ruh-roh. Something isn't right," Perez claims. "TLC unveiled their new fall schedule and looks like a certain mother of eight is missing up from the lineup. No signs of Kate Plus 8 are anywhere on the fall schedule."

So is Kate now unemployed? Are her and her brood done entertaining the masses with their brand of crazy? RumorFix reached out to an executive at TLC who tells us Kate hasn't gone anywhere. "New episodes begin August 8th," she explains, adding that the new shows will air through the end of September.

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Kate also shot down the rumors on Twitter, telling a follower who asked her about the show's future:

"Zero Truth! Not going anywhere!!! Tons of fun to be had!"

And there you have it ...

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    1. colleen says:

      “New episodes begin August 8th,” That’s it? That’s all TLC said? The episodes that start airing next week have been filmed this summer and have nothing to do with the fall schedule and beyond. If that’s all they said it’s pretty vague and not at all reassuring. They should have said something like “we look forward to a long successful relationship with Ms. Gosselin” to ensure her fans that there will be a future for the show, or at least Kate, next year. Looks like 2012 is going to be the end of the world for a certain someone who put all of her chick’s eggs in one reality show basket.

    2. Jon says:

      I can’t stand this woman! I hope TLC does can her ass.

      • Frann9 says:

        I hope someone cans your ass

        • Ellen Salter says:


      • Maclori52 says:

        I didn’t like Alex last year but this year I think she’s quirky but more on the ball that the rest of the women there.  The wax queen Cindy doesn’t belong there.  The countess has left her common sense behind.  She, Jill, Ramona and that whacko in bankrupcy are so worried about getting old and being better than the next person it’s sad!  I mean really said like a train wreck  
         Bethany was smart to get the hell out of that circle.   

    3. You wish, haters says:

      The Gosselin shows are done as a series of specials, so they wouldn’t show up on the regular schedule. You haters can stop gnashing your teeth now, you’ve have plenty more to obsess over – no worries. 🙂

      • colleen says:

        Why wouldn’t TLC respond with an assurance that there will be specials in 2012 beyond the episodes to air next week? If Kate is relying on random specials without TLC providing a filming schedule for the long term to provide for her kids she better be practical and start looking for a second job.

      • Ellen Salter says:

        cut it out Frann9 enough already

        • Mariatb3921 says:

          i dont know what you are getting so upset about ellen. Kate is
          no longer interesting, if she ever was….her family was more like
          a freak show, her leading the troup of followers, Jon included.
          The airing of them is a waste of airtime and I dont know anyone
          who watchs the show anymore. I do hope they take it off the air
          and maybe those kids can have a normal life and maybe she can
          see about going to get a real job.

    4. Really?? We have to keep this show on the air?? Goodness

    5. Her season finale is coming up. Then the show goes on hiatus.

    6. Larry Getty says:

      Rumor Fix, let me get this straight, because Kate tweeted something, this “fixes” the rumor? LOL You guys need to do better than this to be taken seriously. Kate does not always tell the truth. She may not even know what TLC has in store. This is considered a special, BUT the Roloffs are too, and they are on the line up. So who knows? Rumor Fix why not confirm with TLC?

      • RumorFix says:

        Larry, we did talk to TLC and their statement is in the story.

        • Pretty much confused says:

          Their statement is shows thru Sept 12 What questions did you ask? 1 show a week? 2 a week? hiatus till January? Her contract is supposed is up in Feb 2011 so in negotiations? Seems like tons of rumors still yet to fix to me.

    7. Larry Getty says:

      Ask TLC beyond the Aug 8th, that does not answer the fall time period.

    8. Stevethebodyguard says:

      Kate was interesting when she had a hubby and cheildren to care for.  Lost all interest when she left hubby, and trying to portray herself as a struggling single mom.  As a single mother trying to care for children and put food on the table, I am insulted that she compare herself to those of us really struggling-she is a money hungry woman that I no lnoger have any use for.

    9. Ellen says:

      Hey Kate- better check with TLC about the fall line up before you go  off about how wonderful things are !!!!!  I don’t know anyone watching your show anymore

    10. hungry says:

      who is interested in her?????????????

    11. Gcjane says:

      So,you are aman,you don’t have any idea what it takes to have all these children, what she
      went through to keep them well and have a happy life,since her MAN? was also a jerk….
      I say go Kate find you a wealthy man that loves children ,and have a ball .you dererve it.go,go

    12. Cheryl608 says:

      Looks like Kate will have to go back to doing a real job. Too bad the guy on the tower in australia  didnt push her ass off when she was babbeling like a big cry baby……

    13. MARK says:

      I think Kate is a very beautiful woman, soooo pretty

    14. Soniapompilii says:

      thank u GOD she’s finally goin away:-) Her 15 minutes was over long time ago!!!!!!!!!

    15. Thank u GOD she’s finally goin away:-) Her 15 minutes was over long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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