Nicki Minaj’s Assistant Brutally Attacked?

Posted on July 18th, 2011 at 11:49 am

According to MediaTakeOut, Nicki Minaj's man servant [Safaree Samuels] was attacked in Houston last week after he reportedly struck Minaj in the face with a suitcase just days before.

"Goons visited Safaree last night - inside his hotel room in Houston ... and he got BRUTALLY STOMPED OUT. According to our insider, he was beaten UNCONSCIOUS.

As of THIS MORNING, we're told that Safaree is RECUPERATING inside a hotel room in Houston. Its not clear whether Safaree is expected to STAY ON as Nicki's hype man for the remainder of the tour."

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One thing that is clear, is that this story is complete bullsh*t. Safaree traveled with Minaj over the weekend to New Orleans and Atlanta. And judging from Safaree's active Twitter account, he isn't sitting in a hotel room recuperating from being knocked "unconscious." He even addressed the nonsense on Twitter, writing:

If 1 more person calls me or text me asking me if Im ok or am I hurt I'm gonna jump off a cliff. U ppl cannot be serious sometimes. #coonery

And for what it's worth, a spokesperson with Houston police department also tells RumorFix that they have no such record of the incident, which, if the brawl happened in a hotel, most likely would have been reported.

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      • JSF says:

        omg you people are so stupid HE NEVER HIT NICKI!!!! you guys need to know that these stories are made up FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!!!! first of all no man would ever get away with hitting and Nicki. what do you guys think this is, ike and tina?? S.B would never hit Nicki and for the last time THAT IS NOT HER BOYFRIEND!!!!!! that is her hypeman/bestfriend/assistant! they’ve known each other for years!!! that fact the you idiots believe anything the media tells you, shows how stupid and weak minded you are

    2. Curtbarton73 says:

      Thats what happens when you mess with BARBIE BITCH

    3. Chiggyspiggys16 says:

      This story is complete bullshit!

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