Kim G’s Shocking Allegations Against the Manzo Clan

Posted on July 27th, 2011 at 7:44 am

Kim Granatell is no stranger to controversy. When Danielle Staub was still a cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, she and Kim were, as Caroline Manzo would put it, "As thick as thieves".

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And on last week's explosive episode, the Manzos unceremoniously booted Kim G out of Melissa Gorga's holiday party after she turned up with an attorney who was suing Teresa and Joe Guidice.

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But now Kim is making shocking allegations exclusively to RumorFix about incidents during the party that never made it to the final cut.

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"Caroline Manzo is all about respect. Well, that night there was no respect," says Kim.  "It's clear that Chris called me the c-word during that scene -- it was bleeped out. When my son called Chris right after I left, it was to confront him about calling me that word. And it was never addressed, because the Manzos are presented as this clean-cut, goody two shoes family. But he said it. Is that respectful? If my son ever called any woman that, the next day I would drag him to her front door and make him apologize. But then, my son would never do that."

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Kim also claims that Chris's brother, Albie, violently shoved her during the fracas. "I could have sued him for assault," says Kim. "And my lame security did nothing to help me. I brought security with me to prevent trouble. I have three children, my life is valuable. If anything happened to me they would lose their mother."

RumorFix reached out to Caroline about the incident, and she had a few choice words for Kim: “The actions of Kim G. speak sufficiently to the events of that evening and I don’t care to dignify this matter with any further comment.”

Wow, so much drama in NJ!


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    1. MY2CENTS says:

      Kim G you are an old hag that needs to stop causing trouble…If Chris called you that…why was he respectfully trying to walk you out… look like a clown with all your foolishness!!

    2. Realitychick says:

      This woman is disgusting and is always looking for an opportunity to cause TROUBLE! What an idiot!

    3. Shk1946 says:

      KIm, you should have left the show with Danielle!!! You are a troublemaker and not very entertaining! GO AWAY!!!!!

    4. LoyTM says:

      Chris was trying to help her – he was telling everyone to leave her alone, and afterwards he told them that her son was like his brother and he was upset by it all. There’s no way in heck that he called her that word. I don’t believe it.

    5. Fredericks79 says:

      I usually don’t comment on things like this and I have never been to this site before. But after seeing Kim G in the last episode I just needed to express myself because I’m so angry about it. To be blunt, she is the lowest of life forms and I HATE her guts. I never met her before in my life and 99 percent of the time give people the benefit of the doubt. Just from the little i saw of her from being on Jersey housewives I know without any doubt she is a sleaze bag that is starting trouble on purpose trying to get attention on the show. Whatever Chris allegedly called her I 100 percent agree. She is that and more. I hope someone punches her old hag face and knocks some of the stupid out of her. What a loser. I hate her more than any other cast member in any Housewives show ever. That is how sick that old skank makes me

    6. Rebelyellow says:

      Good! Even though I don’t believe Chris said that, I say if the shoe fits, WHY NOT? She TOTALLY is one!

    7. Kadowney says:

      What a liar & a looser Kim G is!!!

    8. Leasegirl says:

      I hope the Manzo’s sue her for libel and she loses all the money she never earned, but spends and brags about constantly. I don’t know why a woman in her 50’s would act like such a fool, you would think at this point in her life she would have grown up a little. She is like a vindictive high schooler. Either that or she is mentally ill. I just hope she never comes back on the show and we never have to hear about her again. Her 15 minutes of fame passed a long time ago. I am sick of looking at her. Chris was nothing but gracious to her and its sick that she would make up this lie about her son’s best friend who tried to help her. It’s SICK, she is SICK. Please go get a life Kim G. You are not a celebrity. You are as Albert Manzo said. A CLOWN!!!

    9. LAviwer says:

      Manzo family is disgusting. I hope Caroline stops being like a king thug of new jersey. She is a selfish and judgemental mom who only cares about her family. How dare to kick someone out from someone else’s house even Kim G is a media whore. Caroline is classless…

      • Monachet says:

        You’re an ass…You must be a friend of Kim G’s…she is & always has been a huge trouble maker!! Every family needs a “Caroline Manzo”…She is HARDLY SELFISH or Judgemental!!!

      • Monachet says:

        You’re an ass…You must be a friend of Kim G’s…she is & always has been a huge trouble maker!! Every family needs a “Caroline Manzo”…She is HARDLY SELFISH or Judgemental!!!

        • Gorgagorga57 says:

          Apparently you don’t realize that this is a dramatic reality show. If you want to watch some wholesome TV, tune into Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

        • Gorgagorga57 says:

          Apparently you don’t realize that this is a dramatic reality show. If you want to watch some wholesome TV, tune into Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

        • Clarabunches says:

          Monachet, you are full of the devil, and one day will burn in hell forever.  That goes for you and others who love to see innocent people being called names and kicked around.  Caroline and her daughter and unattrative and mean spirited.  Her sons are also mean spirited.  I wish you all would repent and learn to love the LORD JESUS, then you will learn how to love the broken-hearted.

      • Jan61_06 says:

        and you’re an idiot!!

      • Regutierre says:

        I totally agree I really hate how the Manzos act, especially Caroline as if she shits golden eggs. I think she has watched too many Italian Mafia movies. She’s just a wan-to-be mafia matriarch.

    10. Gorgagorga57 says:

      Isn’t it a little ridiculous that 50 people ganged up on one woman? Had Caroline been a real woman she would have asked Kim to step outside and take the matter up there, not had her sons force and berate an adult who they should have had respect for. Why does everyone have to kiss Caroline’s ass? If she cares so much about family, go on a Disney reality show lady. Without the drama, the show would be BORING much like her relationship with everyone else.

      • Aprilowenby007 says:

        That whole family stood to the side for quite a while and listen to her run that mouth and run everyone down at that party!!!She got less that what she deserved!!!!

      • cindy says:

        Why is she acting so shocked by what happened? She brought a bodyguard so she knew she was going to stir up trouble.

      • Clarabunches says:

        I agree. Caroline’s family are barbarians.

    11. Gorgagorga57 says:

      Isn’t it a little ridiculous that 50 people ganged up on one woman? Had Caroline been a real woman she would have asked Kim to step outside and take the matter up there, not had her sons force and berate an adult who they should have had respect for. Why does everyone have to kiss Caroline’s ass? If she cares so much about family, go on a Disney reality show lady. Without the drama, the show would be BORING much like her relationship with everyone else.

    12. Ycc0725 says:

      You surely did not watch the same episode as me where you clearly see Kim G looking for trouble. I would defend my friends and family just like Caroline. She is a great woman and a role model, if you don’t like the Manzo’s stop watching!!!!

    13. PhillyJess says:

      Kim G is disgusting. I don’t even know why they have her on this show. How pathetic is she that since she didn’t get brought on as a regular, she needs to interject herself whenever possible…for FREE no less. I feel so badly for her son, you know he’s humiliated by the way she acts. An absolute disgrace, no wonder she’s utterly alone.

    14. Aprilowenby007 says:

      I have never liked Kim G and noticed in the very beginning that she was nothing bu trouble. She like to stir the pot..You go Caroline!!!!!We all love you in North Georgia..Lady of class is the way I see it..those things dont happen to often in Georgia, down home butt kicking is what you get here…God bless you all

      • Liz says:

        Seriously??? You all LOVE her in north Georgia??? What in the world would north Georgians know about class, if you are all so busy “butt kicking”? Go back inside your trailer and study for your GED and quit watching these moronic “Reality” shows, of which the Jersey Wives are the worst of the bunch. And if you have to paraphrase the word “class”, you have none and most certainly cannot recognize it if you think the Manzo’s have it. And may I remind all of you morons, that if ANY of these “housewives” had any “class” (dignity is a better word) they would not have consented to these shows in the first place!

    15. Ziggyman55 says:

      Kim G,you are one big joke.You love the attention.You will do anything even if it is negative and hurtful.I feel sorry for your kids.How embarrassing for them.Your behavior is High School.Please find something really important to do besides acting like an idiot.

    16. Angel says:

      The Manzos are bullies this was what happened with Danielle after all it was Caroline Manzo that brought up the book about Danielle’s past. It seems that after three seasons they feel like they’re reality show royalty which they’re not just low life Italian thugs.

      Did you see the show when Caroline, Albie, and the dad all shouted for her to leave what the fuck it’s none of their fucking business. Lastly, the Manzos are in trouble with the law again, their tacky banquet hall has been hiring people and not paying overtime so let the labor department go after their asses. They’re all ugly people too and no class what so ever.

      • I thinks "Angel" is trippin says:

        they shouted for her to leave because she was running her duck-lipped granny mouth and trying her very best to cause as much of a scene as possible. how could anyone seriously act like such a douuuuche on television in front of the entire world?? does this woman not realize that the general public now thinks of her as probably THE MOST desperate, disgraceful, attention-seeking excuse for a human being most of us have ever seen?! (not to mention all the injections and plastic surgery she’s had just make her look CREEPY as hell) she’s done every damn thing she could do to weasel in as much camera time on that show as possible, and all she did with it was basically turn herself into the punchline of a joke. oh and if she was actually assaulted at that party, wouldn’t it make more sense for her to go to the police instead of a gossip website? honestly! if i were her i’d be embarassed to show my face anywhere. she really should be ashamed

        • Clarabunches says:

          The Manzos are attention seeking people.  They had a party for the sheriff campaign, but nobody showed up but the cast members and one or two others.  They wanted the world to think that they were in sport.

      • MelissaAllTheWay says:

        Here’s your proof that’s Caroline is indeed a bully. Funny how no one ever mentions Tiny Manzo. No wonder no one will stand up to Don Caroline. They’re afraid of bullets and trunks.

        • wtf says:

          that is the worst example of “proof” ive ever seen. try referencing a website that isnt so crappy and unreliable. on the bottom of the article there’s even a pic of the RHONY labelled as RHONJ, season 2. your proof is laughable

    17. cindy says:

      She wanted attention and to cause trouble thats why she brought that lawyer plus a bodyguard and it backfired on her! I for one LOVED watching them boot her out!

    18. Grim reaper says:

      What’s the C word Kim…clueless, clown…etc?..well you earned, it so own it…you’re a classless, clueless clown…

    19. Nancy Burian says:

      Kim G. you are a scumbag, pondscum, and even lower than that! Who brings security to a party? and who do you think you are that you even need security? ha ha ha ha. You’re in your 50’s? I thought you were in your 60’s and that’s why you had work done on your face to make yourself look like you’re in your 50’s! he he he he . You have no class girl. You know you brought that woman to the party to cause trouble and it was only right that she was asked to leave and wise of the others to ask you to leave also. You and Danielle and Kate Gosselin belong together.

    20. Samanthrax says:

      Check out Kim G’s response blog/blatant attempt to rewrite history on Celebrity Magnet:

      Okay, having come within a hair’s breadth of almost losing one of my very best friends due to a blown brain aneurysm when we were in our late 20′s and, later, having to watching my very close friend’s mother go from cancer diagnosis to death in less then 6 months – I really don’t want to tear down or mock someone who has survived a brain injury or brain tumor of any sort, but “terminal” means “inevitably untreatable and fatal” in my book and given that Kim G. was clearly treated, recovered and, seemingly, “in the clear” medically speaking, throwing around the phrase “I had a terminal brain tumor” is misleading and insensitive to those who are suffering or have family and friends who are suffering from a terminal illness of any kind.

      On a totally different note – few reality TV characters have made me laugh out loud more than Kim G’s clearly calculated (i.e., subtle as a freight train on fire with jazz hands) camera-grabbing antics. Although I do feel abject pity for her son who gets to enjoy the feeling of being humiliated by proxy on national television.

    21. Melissa says:

      This woman really needs to find something productive to do with her life. SO much drama for someone her age. I would be humiliated to have her as a mother. Who brings “security” to a Christmas party? She went there looking for trouble and brought back up. You got what you were looking for Ms. G, it just didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. If you are so concerned with your children and your life is so “valuable”, quit starting trouble and putting yourself into situations where you just might get hurt! LOSER.

    22. TG says:

      You are a old PIG!! I feel so sorry for your children. you are foul, old, and make it so obvious that you want attention. The Manzo’s made you look soooooooooo stupid HAHHAHAHAHAH! CLOWN!

    23. Jbaquero19 says:

      I met Kim yesterday and is nothing like she is on the show. She is a great lady!

    24. Clarabunches says:

      I’m on your side Kim G.  I think the manzos are classless bullies.  Lauren has no discretion by stating that the exercise instructor had “yellow balls”.  Caroline did not raise her daughter to be ladylike and discreet.  I hope you get your own reality show.

    25. NolgaCorp says:

      Kim G is a pretty lady! What is up with all of you! SHEESH! You know everybody come on speak your truth yes but also come on speak THE truth!  She’s pretty! NolgaCorp 

    26. NolgaCorp says:

      Kim G let me say this to you… Yes you are mischievous and you like the camera but the camera loves you! And Miss Scorpio you stung someone who would have been very loyal to you… Teresa! You took TRES TROUBLE (my nickname for Teresa) (because she is misunderstood so often) wrong. WHEN TRE said she respects her elders she didn’t mean just you… if anyone had asked Teresa would have said she considered several on the show her elders… she is born in 1972 and at the time the youngest of the cast members… be mindful of that fact please. We’ll get back to that issue later.  I have to say it wasn’t right to bring the lady lawyer to the party BUT you did TRES JUICY (my nickname for Teresa and Joe) a favor I’ll explain why later. AND while I can say you caused a commotion I can also say THANK GOD!!! It was the best of the best show of the season! AND you did TRES Juicy a favor BECAUSE YOU made AMERICA LOVE Juicy and Teresa more than ever!!! RIGHTFULLY SO! I WANT THEM TO BE LOVED! And what people need to begin realizing about you Miss Scorpio is that even though you get fresh you never land your punches. BUT YOU DO STING! You have to promise me YOU have got to watch that Scorpio sting!!!! PEOPLE never forgive a SCORPIO it’s sting! It’s the nature of the game! And you can fix that easily. If you read the comments below from all those people it is all out of anger! PEOPLE NEVER forget the sting. So be kinder! Because you can be very loyal, and you are an ASSET when you finally choose a side and stick to it. THAT’s what you must do … PICK a side and STICK. NO more outsmarting yourself please.  NO SWITCH HITTING… WHEN YOU STICK you are LOVED!!! But no more two (2) ends from the middle…. it doesn’t WORK not for you not for anyone!!! IN CLOSING we can all thank you for making us realize once again how much we love the Guidice’s. Again because OF your SCORPION STING we loved Teresa and Juicy more than ever BECAUSE of YOU, Kim G! And it was good for TRES JUICE very good in the long run that we all rallied for them. Listen kiss and make up KIM G. YOU owe TERESA and JOE an apology for real! You guys have bigger fish to fry! TRUST ME. I think we need to get you three (3) on the same team. If it’s not too late. There is alot going down behind the scenes that I cannot reveal. I’m serious it’s time for a good old fashioned Jersey SIT DOWN! KIM G YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO TRES JUICE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THEM AND SAID ABOUT THEM. AND OWN UP… NO SIDE STEPPING MAN UP… if you said OWN IT, CLAIM it and APOLOGIZE! AND then ask Teresa GIVE HER A CHANCE TO explain the elder’s comment and you will see it applied to NOT JUST YOU!  AND SHE MEANT NOTHING BY IT! TRUE SHE FOLLOWED UP WITH SOME BURSTING COMMENTS BUT BY THAT TIME EVERYTHING HAD SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL.  Back to Teresa being born in 1972… I wonder if Teresa’s mother was 17-18 when Teresa was born…. they marry young in Italy and her mother looks very young… Joe’s mother looks so young too… so think about where Teresa is coming from with the elders comment. Anyone over 45 (at the time) would be an elder perhaps to Teresa she was again the youngest cast member… so a word to the wise APOLOGIZE AND MEAN IT!! OR DON’T DO IT. #1 foor years on the network! 

    27. brenda says:


    28. Anonymous says:

      Haha…”My son would never do that!” Good for him. We don’t care. What people think is pathetic is in your wrinkled fat cheeked obvious grandma looks senior life, you call and tattle on someone to your son minutes after you refuse to leave…hmmm, you could press assault charges? They could press tresspassing charges. Get a life. You’re just not one of the older ladies who look ok enough to have a social life, your husband made you, you’re a nobody, and you’re spiteful and mean. Total waste of social security.

    29. SonnySky says:

      All this still going on in Jersey–I gave up that show the beginning of last season. I just cannot take the Manzo’s and Laurita’s.

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