David Guetta Killed In Car Crash?

Posted on July 28th, 2011 at 11:33 am

Facebook and Twitter are buzzing with a nasty rumor that David Guetta passed away on Thursday morning in a tragic car crash ... which, when using logic, is really puzzling since David was tweeting Thursday morning.

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According to Global Associated News, which clearly has nothing to do but make up bullshiz, the singer was killed in a car crash hours ago.

"David Guetta died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to have been a factor in this accident.

Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that David Guetta lost control while driving a friend's vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly."

Fortunately for fans of Guetta, the singer is alive and well. As it turns out, this story was completely fabricated by the website which has also killed off Jim Carrey, Jaden Smith and Adam Sandler this year with similar reports.

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    1. Pandie12 says:

      did he actually get in a car accident?

    2. Sandritacct says:

      ok. did he die or is he alive?

    3. Eric Berry says:

      He’s alive people! It was just a stupid rumor.

      • masi says:

        hey hope u dont mind mi asking bt hw do u put up a pro pic???

      • Dgoff_lvz_joanna says:

        I can’t believe that people would make stupid rumours about this it’s perthitic i would like to write a few stories myself but what is the point i am not going to gain anything from it.

    4. B_zarea says:

      Batool says she saw he dead this morning!!!

    5. Ken says:

      yo guys, the “global assosiated press” is actually a site which u type a name in and they fabricate a fake news article about the person u entered dieing.

    6. Alexus_perez says:

      fucking rumors i swear smh -.-

    7. Chloelr says:

      is david guetta really dead?

    8. Penia says:

      Well this place is called RUMORfix so u guess

    9. Fuck outta. He Is Alive. Look At Twitter !

    10. lace says:

      He’s alive so say no more on this subject now lol .

    11. Shivy_147 says:

      his dead….

    12. Whitsundays says:

      What a sick joke. Global Associated News should be ashamed of their tactics. Disgusting.

    13. Rwhitehawk says:

      Oh wow thats sad .. hahah People just believing all this bullshit ! Kinda figured it was fake since you didnt see any shit bout it on the news or anything else .. hahaha

    14. Ikeodsola says:

      it a pity but is he realing died

    15. Muzzickblues says:

      My friend forwarded the rumor news to me.. I almost believed and cried… David Guetta… Live long…. u rock… and Global associated news, U guys Suck…

      • Dandingello says:

        same here I got so sad.. I got depressed the whole day… No more cool parteys brrr the whole crap got me real good. Im glad hes alive! more cool parteys then!

    16. Jones says:

      he visited mein my sleep last night sorry to say he is dead

    17. is he dead or not? :/

    18. Taz says:

      dont listen to the rumours, you muppets.
      you lot must be so stupid

    19. diggy_dawg says:

      it didnt give anybody thee answer but i will…he isnt fkn dead

    20. LOUISE says:


    21. Dj says:

      He’s dead, the real david guetta passed out about 3 years ago

    22. yhere is no real david ghetah theres only one and how is that possible its the same person the person that told you that is a dick head!

    23. masi says:

      thank you!!!!!!

    24. Elliebellie2001 says:

      O.M.G is he really dead
      if he is im spreading the news to friends and family

    25. nikki bitches says:

      yaaay he not dead

    26. Mrtall says:

      thank the good lord hes alive. shit, i was pissing miself when i read this!!!

    27. GUxok says:

      This Is Dont Fun Guyz I Think He’s Alive!!!! David Guetta <3 You Alive I Am Crazy FUN FOR YOU!

    28. Viper15578 says:

      he is not fucking dead

    29. Dgoff_lvz_joanna says:

      I can’t belive people do this it’s sickning an horrid don’t people have any rights about this

    30. Chris-rochon says:

      IM sooo happy hes not dead!  i lovew his song little bad girl!

    31. Nathan_halo2 says:

      THANK GOD! who would i rock out to if he were gone?

    32. Cuppycake111 says:

      thank god for thattt……..

    33. Sahil Rafiq says:

      the one said he is dead i have something for you     Go F..K YourselF

    34. neanea11 says:

      omg hes either dead or alive. what one?

    35. Itzanna59 says:

      thank god!!! i don’t know what i would do if he was dead. He’s my work out, pump up music, and he’s my study hall… with out him… things would go very bad for me 

    36. HolyShiftWTF says:

      Me n David guetta just played freeze tag 4 hours ago… He’s not dead, and he’s the best at musical chairs… Don’t worry tho, he plans on dying one day…

    37. this kind of rumor is very common in Brazil. ¬¬’ 

    38. Ingrid Lopes says:

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk porra

    39. emilyambrosia says:

      it’s really sick that people get their entertainment by making people think other people are dead.

    40. asdf says:

      Google “in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell” and you’l get the same article for 5 different people.  Not to mention paramedics cant pronounce anyone dead no matter what.

    41. Oooooooh, satire. says:

      Such a tragic loss of such musical talent. Original, refreshing, inventive. Oh hang on, I’m thinking of someone else aren’t I?

    42. Asswhole says:


    43. Samson Gemini says:

      NOW is he dead ?

    44. HouseMouse says:

      Fucking retarded. He was in Amsterdam yesterday, I really doubt he’s made it to the States already!

    45. Mark1369874 says:


    46. if that is true, they should be locked away, sick sick rumour!!

    47. Tigaanakbabi says:

      what the damn? it so stupid

    48. nay idol siyoum says:

      ohhh shiit 
      am soo happy,, i put it as a status on facebook thinking it was true 
      my bad, be careful next time  

    49. Creeeeeeep says:

      that was a really stupid rumor! but i was totally convinced!

    50. Bethanie_poole65 says:

      Some people really can’t spell on here….

    51. Jitski says:

      Do people not read lol why r so many people
      still asking if hes dead readdddd the article lol

    52. sharly says:

      how sick can people get, making rumors that he is dead, go find something better to do idiots!

      • Willcalland says:

        the only thing that they can do better is smoke weed but that still is just going to lead them into a giant s@4f5aaea1269881f340939f8e7544d712:disqus #t hole

    53. f365lolztbxd says:

      R.I.P David you wont be missed

    54. Cocopop1999 says:

      thank god

    55. aldcluv says:

      wtf he didnt die

    56. Zarius573 says:

      this website is a load of crap, go to it and replace david with any name then gueeta with any surname you get the same article with that name…but dont click any other links on the page it shows you viruses and stuff

    57. Ladette77 says:

      They are sick! Them who make the rumours up should have a dose of there own the stupid IDIOTS!!!

    58. Laurataylor1990 says:

      i saw elvis yesterday in morrisons shopping for hamburgers more reason to shop at moreasons

    59. agronluver says:


    60. Sashasd says:

      thank goodness my favorite DJ has not been killed. Shocking

    61. Bhkbhk says:

      he has a pointless celebraity status 

    62. Dimondsr4ever says:

      i know what a load of bull sack :@

    63. Dimondsr4ever says:

      i love demi she is my bff xx

    64. Dimondsr4ever says:

      i <3 demi freeda richards, beddau rct 😛

    65. Mia Cleo says:


    66. Brian David says:

      thank god, i love his music. he’s a leg…end!!! ja’i suoer!!!! 🙂

    67. Allisoncampbell1511 says:

      I think folk should boycot the sites that start these terrible rumours! Its effin ridiculous! Allison from glasgow

    68. Bradbomberry says:

      well what the hill..

    69. courtney-lauren says:

      why would you lie about someone being dead when theres is people in the real world that do have car crashes and  die this website is fucking sick why dont u think about the people thats it has happened to,

    70. annalise.l@hotmail.co.uk says:

      He is alive people are being silly

    71. skinnyjeans17 says:

      hasn’t the idiot whom wrote this rumour heard of cry wolf. How empty minded can u get, really sad. GROW UP

    72. Darrenbol says:

      if he was dead would he be on grahm norten right now ??????????????

    73. Bjuhbgbksojs says:

      Just crap news reporting from Global News (the name not the fact) no idea why this would be allowed.

    74. Bjuhbgbksojs says:

      But would you really but the rubbish advertised on this site, the stories are made up so who knows the quality of the good advertised. QuiBids for example..

    75. Imi says:

      Wtf is going on?!?! These comments are like from 8 and 9 months ago, yet people are only mentioning it all today… I am really seriously devastated if this isn’t a rumour because I actually love David Guetta and all of his music… I listen to it over and over all the time…. :'( He better be alright for the sake of my sanity!!! :'((((( 

    76. david guettas son says:

      david guetta is my dad and he is dead he dead in a car crash he was on the phone to me and he got confused and drove off track and his last words were i love you to me

    77. Wow first I heard it was Robert Pattison and now David Guetta?  Why are people lying like this?

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