Bam Margera Collapses At Ryan Dunn Wreck

Posted on June 22nd, 2011 at 7:38 pm

A devastated Bam Margera collapsed on Tuesday evening at the site of Ryan Dunn's fatal car accident. The Jackass co-stars were best friends who met in high school over a decade ago and Margera is, understandably, having a hard time coping with Dunn's unexpected death.

Margera sobbed uncontrollably - and at one point fell to his knees - on Route 322 where Dunn wrecked his Porsche on Monday morning. According to reports, Dunn was speeding when he lost control of his sports car, slamming into a tree and causing the car to burst into flames.

Margera visited the crash scene with his wife Missy and a group of friends. Too upset to walk, Margera was eventually carried away from the scene.

You can see video below of Bam's emotional visit to the crash site.


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