Raven Symone Nude Scandal

Posted on November 8th, 2010 at 10:14 am

MediaTakeOut is the site that kicked Raven Symone's hornet nest. The site sent the That's So Raven star into a rage Monday morning after posting what they claim are nude pictures of the actress.

Symone says one of the alleged nude images is actually her Twitter profile picture. It didn't take RumorFix long to confirm that the actress was telling the truth, and MediaTakeOut could have done the same thing by taking two minutes to visit Symone's Twitter page.

The former Cosby star is also denying the site's claim that she sent the nudes to a female friend.

"Well, it happened again. A picture that I put as my twitter profile, got twisted into a story that isn't true," Symone tweeted.

"I AM NOT NAKED," she wrote. "I have had a career that has been a blessing without taking my clothing off ... And I have no intention to start now."

"People, I did not send that to any lady friend ... Like really stop, please. It makes things so difficult when lies are released about you."

In the past two weeks, MTO has released what they claim are nude photographs of Kanye West, Jessica Alba and now, Raven Symone.

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