National Enquirer Crosses The Line On Michael Douglas Report

Posted on November 10th, 2010 at 4:35 am

The November 22 cover of National Enquirer features a "Michael Douglas Collapses" headline. Last month the tabloid claimed the actor only had "3 Months To Live," now they're telling another elaborate tall tale regarding the actor's health.

"Gravely ill Michael Douglas collapsed at his New York apartment and was rushed to the hospital - and now the cancer stricken star is resisting the emergency surgery he needs to save his life."

A rep for Douglas tells RumorFix that the publication's story is bogus. "No, he did not collapse as reported by the National Enquirer, who were told it was untrue when they checked for verification."

As for Douglas' health, the rep adds, "His health is constantly improving. Recuperation from cancer and the treatment he had is a slow process, but his doctors are very pleased with the progression he is making and any rumors contrary to that are completely false.

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