Kim Not Amused By Leaked Song

Posted on November 4th, 2010 at 1:05 am

Does Kim Kardashian want to become the next Beyonce? There are rumors the reality television star is busy working on an album with R&B producer The-Dream. Thursday, those rumors intensified after several media outlets leaked "Shake," a song supposedly featuring Kardashian's voice.

Critics wasted no time panning the tune. Hannah Lawrence of says, "There's no stability! It's all over the place! There's no way to tell where it's going or where it's just been." Ouch!

Kim's feelings might have been hurt by the critique if "Shake" was actually her song; fortunately for her, it's not.

"So I guess some song was released today and people seem to think its me, sorry guys, it's not me!" Kim tweeted.

If you feel like giving your ears a good bleed, go ahead and listen to "Shake" below.

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