Exclusive: Jane Lynch Not To Star In Muppets Movie

Posted on November 14th, 2010 at 11:13 am

Although multiple websites, including Entertainment Weekly and MTV, are claiming that Glee's Jane Lynch is starring in Disney's new Muppets movie, RumorFix is reporting exclusively that's simply not true.

The Wrap was first to report the erroneous story on Thursday:

"Emmy-winning "Glee" star Jane Lynch has joined the impressive ensemble cast"

That cast reportedly includes Jason Segal, Donald Glover and Danny Trejo, but Rumorfix has learned that Lynch hasn't even received a call.

"The Muppets [rumor] is wrong," the Emmy-Award winning actress told RumorFix on Saturday night at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center 39th Anniversary Gala.

Lynch said she had no plans on being in the film, "Unless they are going to ask me. Which I would love it if they would -- but they haven't."

"My agent is here, I asked, 'Did anyone call you?' She said, 'No.' So as far as we know it's false and we would know," Lynch joked.

Note to Disney -- Jane would say yes, if you just ask.

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