Exclusive: Andy Dick Says “I Would Never Commit Suicide.”

Posted on November 2nd, 2010 at 7:10 am

Andy Dick tells RumorFix exclusively that reports he's suicidal are "bullsh*t." RadarOnline was the first to report that the comedian was contemplating taking his own life.

[Dick] has hit rock-bottom and his friend believes that unless he checks himself into a rehab immediately, he will die.

He's become depressed and disillusioned with Hollywood and has been going on massive booze and cocaine binges in recent weeks.

Radar's source, an alleged friend of the comedian from Richmond, Virginia, says Dick begged him for $250,000 to pay lawyer fees and back taxes.

The only problem with the claim is that Dick doesn't know anyone from Richmond. "I have no idea who the 'friend' is," he tells RumorFix, adding, "The entire story is a complete fabrication. The first clue that it's a lie is when somebody doesn't say their name."

The former NewsRadio star goes on to say, "I would never commit suicide. I’m not depressed. I just had a great Halloween with my kids. I took them trick-or-treating. I was a wolfman. I’m not depressed at all.  I have a blast. I’m just too busy to care what any of the tabloids say."

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