Demi Lovato “Cutting” Rumors Fixed

Posted on November 2nd, 2010 at 5:20 am

Since Demi Lovato has pulled out of her tour with the Jonas Brothers and checked herself into rehab for "emotional and physical issues," rumors have spread on Twitter and celebrity blogs.

RumorFix is here to sort them all out.

- Rumor #1 RadarOnline has a photo that shows marks on her wrists, which they imply are from "cutting."

Her rep tells RumorFix those marks were not from cutting.

- Rumor #2 People reports that sources close to the Lovato family are saying Lovato struggled "through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting."

Her rep would not comment.

- Rumor #3 Demi was the victim of being bullied in middle and high school.

True, the 18-year-old wrote a blog for the Pacer Center stating:

"I was bullied in middle school. It got so bad I chose to leave and be home schooled."

- Rumor #4 Disney is supporting Demi's decision.

True, a Disney spokesperson tells RumorFix, "We support Demi's decision to put health first and we send her our best wishes."

We send her our best wishes too!

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