Tabloid Botches Report on Tom Cruise Bike Accident

Posted on September 9th, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Coming up with legitimate stories appears to be an almost impossible mission  for UK's The Daily Mirror. Thursday morning, the paper ran a story claiming Tom Cruise crashed into a wall after losing control of a motorcycle.

According to the Mirror, Cruise was performing tricks on his bike for a group of teenagers before the accident happened. We guess the Mirror wants us to believe Tom Cruise spends his free time performing bike tricks for teenagers.

Getting the facts wrong is risky business, so RumorFix started investigating.

The Mirror doesn't have a single quote from any of the teenagers, nor do they have photographs of the accident, or any shred of evidence the crash ever happened.

A rep for Cruise also put smashed the Mirror's silly report, telling Gossip Cop the accident “never happened. Nothing even close.”

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