Katy Perry Too Sexy for Sesame Street

Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Singer Katy Perry learned that sometimes less is more while singing Hot 'N Cold with Elmo on Sesame Street.

The episode was set to air this Monday, but when a promotional clip was released on the Internet, parents responded by requesting a lot less hot and much more cold when it comes to her outfit.

On Friday, the show's executive producer, Carol-Lynne Parente, and Elmo, appeared on Good Morning America to let the world know they were pulling the song from the upcoming show.

You be the judge, watch below and VOTE! Is the performance too risque for toddlers?

Katy Perry's fiance, Russell Brand, reacted to his California Gurl's run-in with Elmo like he does everything else-- with humor.

Here are a few of his tweets:

@katyperry today's Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.

@katyperry Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sex-with-me Street?

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