10 Wrong Bieber Rumors

Posted on July 1st, 2010 at 2:33 pm
Justin Bieber is confronting some of the ridiculous rumors surrounding his personal life, like the one about his mother posing nude in Playboy. The Biebs took to his Twitter account to set the record straight on all the tabloid craziness.
1…Im not dead. I had to check on this one…but it turns out Im alive. 2…my mom is a moral woman…let's just leave that one for what it is…because that rumor just grossed and wierded me out. 3…I have not joined the Illuminati or any other cult. Im a christian and I pray before every show and am thankful for every blessing. 4...Im not Peter Pan…Im growing up and my voice will change but no worries Jan Smith is the greatest vocal coach ever…stronger than ever! 6...I am not 10 feet tall and I dont shoot fire balls from my arse….that was BraveHeart 7...yes we did skip 5….why??? I dont know….5 was chillin and didnt want to join the fun. 8...@asherroth is not my real big bro…he is just the big bro in friendship…we have Bromance. haha. 9...Im home schooled and not going to a high school next year in every city we have visited…although i would like to sit next to all u girls in math class. and 10...No CHUCK NORRIS is not my real father…although he did birth to Hercules.
There you have it. It looks like you won't be seeing Vienna or Bieber's mother in Playboyanytime soon. Smart of Bieber to address these rumors head-on; At RumorFix, we love it when the stars do our work for us!

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    1. Truthful says:

      Sorry Justin.  I don’t believe you at all about the Illuminati thing.  A lot of celebs have joined the illuminati and lie about it and pretend to be Christians.   Just ask Jared Leto.   I discovered that my non-denominational church was being run by freemasons.  And we had more than one Easter Sunday service at Masonic Temple(before I knew anything about Illuminati or masonry).  I would love to deny it too but there’s too much solid evidence against them for me to lie to myself like that.  Of course you can’t talk about it because you’re afraid they’ll do you in(Slit your throat and remove your tongue). 

      I’m praying for you though.  If you’re really not part of the illuminati and still a Christian like you claim, you might want to stop making the 666 hand gesture around your left eye(Eye of Horus).  I will pray for you.  God still loves you and can protect you.

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