Is Kylie Jenner Broke? 

Kylie Jenner Broke Fixed

Kim Kardashian Freezing Her Fat To Use As Cosmetic Fillers?! 

Kim Kardashian Freezing Her Fat Still A Rumor

Is Tom Hiddleston trying to get Taylor Swift pregnant?! 

Taylor Swift pregnant Still A Rumor
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  • Is Justin Bieber Friends With Sex Offender?! 

    jutin Fixed

    Gwyneth Paltow Airport Meltdown? 

    Gwyneth Paltow Airport Meltdown Fixed
  • Is There Going To Be Fight Club Sequel? 

    Fight Club Sequel Still A Rumor

    Christina Aguilera Hair Extensions Rumor Not True! 

    Christina Aguilera Hair Extensions Fixed

    Nicole Richie Joel Madden Divorce: or F? 

    Nicole Richie Joel Madden Divorce Fixed

    Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Anniversary From Hell?! 

    Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Anniversary Still A Rumor

    Is Jeremy Renner Dating Paula Patton? 

    Jeremy Renner Dating Paula Patton Fixed

    Was Broke Girls Cancelled? 

    2 Broke Girls Cancelled Still A Rumor

    Eric Johnson Too Fat For Jessica Simpson? 

    Eric Johnson Too Fat Still A Rumor

    Jennifer Aniston Phobia: Sweating?! 

    Jennifer Aniston Phobia Fixed

    Khloe Kardashian pregnant with Lamar Odom’s baby? 

    Khloe Kardashian pregnant Fixed

    Gabby Douglas Boob Job? 

    Gabby Douglas Boob Job Fixed

    Did Joshua Jackson Cheat On Diane Kruger? 

    Joshua Jackson Cheat Still A Rumor

    Gwen Stefani Twins Rumor Not True! 

    Gwen Stefani Twins Fixed

    Zayn Malik Gay Sex Tape? So False! 

    Zayn Malik Gay Sex Tape Fixed

    Blac Chyna Twins With Rob Kardashian?! 

    Blac Chyna Twins Still A Rumor

    Jennifer Lopez Broadway Rumor False! 

    Jennifer Lopez Broadway Fixed
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